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How could i tilt this much at 5nl? How could i tilt this much at 5nl?

05-25-2023 , 06:43 AM
How could i tilt this hard after everything was going so well? I mean i recovered a bit after that but i admit when i was tilting i was tired. That had to have factored into it. I havnt played much cash games with holdem manager to keep track of things so i am kind of a newbie but are swings like this normal?

How could i tilt this much at 5nl? Quote
05-25-2023 , 09:35 AM
Looks like you hit about a $60 downswing. That is about 12 buyins. Not common, but also perfectly normal and within the expected amount of variance for the relatively small number of hands you have played. That is why the rule of thumb to minimize risk of ruin is that you should have about 30 buyins in your bankroll.

It may also be the case that your winnings were due to variance as well. Your graph shows a pretty sizable increase between about 12000 and 17000 hands, much faster than anywhere else on the graph. I suspect you were simply on a heater during this time, again a perfectly normal occurrence. Your graph beyond 20000 also may be the start of another heater.

A normal looking graph for a winning player will resemble the graph of a stock portfolio. A aa long-term upward trend overlaid with a lot of ups and downs. Nothing on your graph looks particularly abnormal.
How could i tilt this much at 5nl? Quote
05-30-2023 , 06:27 AM
I'm winning at like 5bb/100 in my game and I had a 25bi downswing over like 10k hands of just straight down and I'm certain I wasn't tilting.
How could i tilt this much at 5nl? Quote