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Donkey Test Suspect? Donkey Test Suspect?
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01-29-2008 , 10:16 PM
Originally Posted by Grunch
You're wrong about the KJ hand. You should almost always fold preflop. Yeah you're right it's situational, as is everything in poker. But the interesting thing about KJ UTG at full ring is you would need extraordinary circumstances to make anything other than folding the right play.

I'm giving you an honest reply in good faith because I really do hope that you'll be able to see the error in your strategy and because I am hoping you will continue to contribute to this thread.

If you havent noticed, even when he's given real analysis and accurate responses he refuses to admit he is wrong or even possibly wrong and chalks the test up to being "rigid" in its forms of thinking. Sure some great players may only score 115, but the amount of people scoring 85 who are good players will be highly unlikely.

And yes everything in poker is 'situational' Funny Thing. This test gives you multiple situations and asks you what to do in it. It doesnt test you on "Oh you ave KJ what should you do?" It gives you stacks, position, reads/player profiles, etc and gives you choices. If we really wanted to make this test hard it shouldve been a fill in your own answer instead of being given choices.
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01-30-2008 , 12:33 AM
This test is similar to the Physics GRE in my opinion in the sense that a good score correlated strongly with successful physics graduate studies, but low scores had very little correlation with a successful graduate career. Just because you score low on the Donkey Test doesn't necessarily indicate that you are a losing player. Scoring high very likely indicates that you are a winning player though.

However, even given the above, the scores should indicate something relative about how one performs in games. I am sure the Donkey Test is not a statistically valid indicator in the same sense that a "real" (i.e. NON-internet) IQ test is. It will give you the low-down on how you would fair in say $600 to $1000nl games though.

As for IQ tests being false simply because of some perceived "rigid methodology", well I think that is just bogus. The IQ test as I see it, is an attempt to measure intelligence, or rather an attempt to arrive at some relative measure indicating one's intellectual aptitude. It isn't supposed to measure intelligence directly and certainly there are intangibles that don't get taken into account. But IQ tests are not intended as the be all and end all of intelligence as it were. The merely indicate intelligence in a relative way in a limited scope. Just as the Donkey Test is somewhat valid in some respects but can't really measure ability in any meaningful way the $5nl tables.

Finally, my personal impression is that you are trying to validate your impression of your ability by tearing apart the test. I certainly think the test is not perfect, and that even up to $100nl it might not serve as the most useful indicator of your ability, but you seem to want people to validate your feelings rather than describe to you why you are wrong or in the very least point you in the direction to do so yourself. The fact that you went out of your way to mention your IQ score to validate your math and logic skill (especially when you indicate that you are basically better than pretty much everyone out there at it) indicates much the same thing. If you think you are a good player, the test results shouldn't matter, especially if all you are concerned with is winning at the micros and you happen to be doing so.

Finally, I think that in general your posts and replies have been among the most insulting in this thread. Most people haven't been anal to you, but your replies have been scathing. Just chill and avoid the people you feel are being negative and lets really work on keeping this civil.
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01-30-2008 , 01:16 AM
got 115. low stakes nl winner woot!
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01-30-2008 , 02:26 AM
I give OP 10/10. This is one of the best troll jobs i've ever seen. I mean he keeps going and going . . .

What's that you say? This isn't a troll . . . wait . . . no, wait . . . you can't be serious. . .

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01-30-2008 , 02:32 AM
Lets compile the facts. OP does not know what the button is. OP thinks 2/3 is better than 2/7 all in PF. OP considers folding AA preflop in a cash game. OP thinks limping KJ utg in 9 handed NL with 4 pros at the table is a good move because KJ off makes many hands pro NL player will stack off to in unraised pots.

OP scored 85 on while carefully considering his answers. OP scored much high randomly picking answers. Analysis of the OP's first 5 responses shows them all to be horribly horribly wrong. OP counters by saying that his firsthand experience >>> pokerstove, math, 2+2 books, etc.

Please post pokertracker stats showing that you win (at any level). I will gladly accept $2 or $5. Without these stats, i will assume you are lying/whining to the WRONG audience. Please watch rounders 133 more times, and convince yourself that you can see into people's souls and bluff them out 100%. Also see above picture.
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01-30-2008 , 03:07 AM
i think your thread is over. time to relax bro
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01-30-2008 , 08:03 AM

Dum Dum Dum

Oh.. thats gotta hurt..

I just love blasting little nerd ****ers in the morning..

- Coro
Donkey Test Suspect? Quote
01-30-2008 , 08:22 AM
Well, you might want to make a correct point if you're trying to blast people...

You've still missed the point. I'd explain a bit, but you aren't going to listen, so I won't waste my time, but you're wrong (ok, a bit...running hands hot and cold to compare isn't a good idea).

Second, what did that get him? he folded after the flop. Sure seems like a good argument for limping such a hand, put money in the pot so you can fold. Yep, that's good proof right there.

I'd think you were a troll if I didn't see the other threads...but maybe those were trolls too? Eh, humor value at least. I love seeing what you can come up with if I'm falling for something, well, it's for the good of all

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01-30-2008 , 08:30 AM
Sorry big shane, you lost this one.. you all did you worthless scumbag mother****ers.. so you can all kneel down and kiss my ass.

Have a nice day mother****ers.

Oh and remember to change your bed sheet after you make a tinkle little man.

Whoo.. Im done..

- Coro
Donkey Test Suspect? Quote
01-30-2008 , 08:31 AM

I will educate you, because although i still hold out hope that you are a (poor) troll, you appear to really, really need the help.

Yes, KJ may even have more than 10% equity against 9 random hands. You fail to realize: 1) info states that there are 4 pros at your table. Pros will not typically be calling with garbage like k2, j3 etc preflop. If they do, it will not be so they can call bets on a J high flop when you both flop top pair. It will be to steal from you again and again if you fold (as you should).

Lets say you take option 2). You flop top pair jacks. You say "ok, you will not fold me, i will get a lot of money in." Now you have put money in with a weak hand, out of position. If you are against 2 pair, a set, AJ, QQ etc you will get stacked, like you probably do all the time with your genius play.

Please explain to me how you can make money vs 4 pros OOP with KJ off.

Oh, and final question. You consider yourself as good or better than Barry Greenstein? I am not sure, but I have a feeling Barry knows both what the button is, and whether 2/3 is a favorite preflop over 2/7.

Again. Post pokertracker evidence you are a winning player at any level (including $2 NL), and i will stop laughing at you.

Last edited by JSampras1; 01-30-2008 at 08:33 AM. Reason: changed 2/3 vs 2/7 wording before idiot donk OP flames me
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01-30-2008 , 08:51 AM
Im sorry you fail.. I have posted evidence that poker is an extremely volatile game where, any and all situations can happen and your pathetic little thoughts on one play being better then another is a fallacy, got it?

Heres news for you.. you ready for it?

There are no better plays then others.. thats right, none..

Hmmm... why is that?

That's because poker is 3/4 situational if not more, one play could be the stupidest move ever, and in another situation could be a fantastic play.

Get that through your head asswipe, I posted more then enough evidence for you knuckleheads, and all you can do is rant on about how Im wrong, blah, blah, blah. Well guess what dip****? Thats all you have to say is that Im wrong "I dont have the time to explain it... Wha, Wha, Wha! Babby need a bottle?

Best of luck to you at the tables, really I mean it!

- Coro
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01-30-2008 , 09:18 AM
There needs to be another possible answer to most of the questions posed in the test.

[X] Kick myself in the nuts for playing like an idiot to this point in the hand.

I mean WTF, what donkey plays hands like some of these examples?

You flop the nuts with position on a iffy board and check behind your opponent. A scare card comes on the turn and you check again. The worst possible card in the deck lands on the river and you raise 3/4 of your stack into a tiny pot no bigger than the blinds and antes. He puts you all in, do you call or fold?

You stand on the freeway and do the poker world a favor is what you do lol.
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01-30-2008 , 09:31 AM
Oh by the way I just looked over those videos again and these stupid, pathetic players seem to be going in on complete ****! Oh my god! What has happened here? Has the world turned upside down..

Well no it hasen't, but I will tell you what has happened..

1. I come on here asking some simple questions that where interesting to me because they where convoluted, and I did not fully grasp the mentality of the peoples thoughts on why certain things are better than others, when in fact they WHERE WRONG ON A NUMBER OF ****ING OCCASIONS.

2. I posted my answers to that stupid ass donk test and again get flamed, with people saying, oh look up the answers yourself. "Ya.. there really out there dipwads".

3. I got ****ing flamed saying I dont know what the goddamn button is, ect.

4. I posted REAL ****ING EVEDICE THAT THE "PROS" make these same stupid ass plays that you armchair guru's are proclaiming to be stupid, how Im a donk, yada yada yada. Well get off your hindass, and take a look around captain know it all's.

5. When I finally do post evidence of this **** that you morons keep degrading, I again get idiots saying.. well.. yep.. dont have the time to explain to you why your wrong, but you are.. sorry.. Hu hu hu.

6. You can all kiss my ass you little fourm rats.. I hope to see you at a real ****ing casino some day so I can take you for your ****ing shirt you pathetic bastards.

Nice talking to you weasels,

Edit: It looks like there might be some people out there after all that aren't ****ing morons like the rest of you.

- Coro
Donkey Test Suspect? Quote
01-30-2008 , 09:48 AM
Wow Coro you are about the most rude and most obvious troll I have seen in this forum. This is usually Carebear Central and yet here you are.

[ ] OP took his meds today

Last edited by Donkenstein; 01-30-2008 at 09:50 AM. Reason: edeted fur speelun
Donkey Test Suspect? Quote
01-30-2008 , 09:56 AM
Im sorry you feel that way sir, especially after the post you just made.. As you can see I dont like idiots flaming me, and I really do wish I could see you all in real life so I could ****ing kill each and every last one of you.

Buy alas such are the downsides of the internet..

And so it goes.

- Coro

Taken from Wikipedia:
It is noted that Internet users are more likely to flame online than insult others in the real world, as the latter can lead to embarrassment and physical altercations, which online "anonymity" can avoid.
Oh ****... how I wish I could see you all..

Last edited by Coro777; 01-30-2008 at 10:06 AM.
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01-30-2008 , 10:06 AM
You are the internet idiot here spewing about how you want others opinions then going off like a prepubescent child when theirs is contrary to yours. My view of the moronic situations the test questions use has nothing to do with whether or not the answers might be used to glean some useful information on how a person plays or how big a douche you are acting like.

Take it to BBV or even NVG if you are going to act like that, this isn't the place for it.
Donkey Test Suspect? Quote
01-30-2008 , 10:09 AM
Your name says it all buddy, says it all..

- Coro
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01-30-2008 , 10:59 AM
I have just re-read this thread, and am thoroughly convinced I am dealing with a bunch of ******os. Its ok though as I really dont care. I am done here as any response will not address the evidence that I have posted or anything of that sort.

I hope to see you all in the future and you can count on it I will.

- Coro
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01-30-2008 , 12:45 PM
Donkey Test Suspect? Quote
01-30-2008 , 01:21 PM
Originally Posted by Coro777
I have just re-read this thread, and am thoroughly convinced I am dealing with a bunch of ******os. Its ok though as I really dont care. I am done here as any response will not address the evidence that I have posted or anything of that sort.

I hope to see you all in the future and you can count on it I will.

- Coro
Enough said.

- Coro
Donkey Test Suspect? Quote
01-30-2008 , 01:31 PM
I agree Coro, I took the test and scored 72, I win all the time. Voted on your poll.
Donkey Test Suspect? Quote
01-30-2008 , 01:32 PM
I would like to see pokertracker screenshots of people who score low on the test but score big at the games.
Donkey Test Suspect? Quote
01-30-2008 , 01:37 PM
Thanks man, finally someone on here thats not an ass, if what you say is true and all, and your not just bull****ing me. You never know..

Thanks again though..

P.S. I have posted far more than enough evidence for these fools yet they have nothing but pathetic little pictures of **** and flaming, figures.

- Coro
Donkey Test Suspect? Quote
01-30-2008 , 02:49 PM
I dont have Poker Tracker sorry, nor do I play that often but when I do I win. Its up to you whether or not you want to believe me.

If you dont think the test ever ****s up and gives any winning player a bad score then Im wasting my time with you, or anybody else that thinks the same thing for that matter.

All this is, is becoming a game of he says, she says.. and I dont care for it.. I have a post two pages back that Im sure no one will be able to properly address. And I fully expect that. This is all that really needs to be said, so I won't be posting in this thread any longer because there's no more reason to.

Best of luck,

- Coro
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01-30-2008 , 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by Grunch
I would like to see pokertracker screenshots of people who score low on the test but score big at the games.
I didn't score that high (I don't remember the exact score though). I had some problems visualizing the questions if that makes any sense and I'm certain I took over the allotted time. I don't have any screen shots because I'm at work. I do have a graph I posted yesterday though. The average stake is somewhere between 400NL and 500NL.


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