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160bb/100 for last 1,000 hands at PLO 160bb/100 for last 1,000 hands at PLO

10-30-2021 , 01:13 PM
I just wrapped up 1,000 hands of PLO$25 with a whopping 160bb/100. I made $27 an hour doing it over 12 days of daily play about 1 hour per day on average. I can't imagine that is sustainable. I am single tabling cash games only, so I am giving the game my full attention.

What are some other's experience at low stakes PLO in terms of bb/100 over a thousand hands? I'm sure other people have had insane streaks like that as well. And I wonder what a sustainable bb/100 would look like for PLO$25. Seems 50bb/100 at PLO$25 would be realistic for a good player.
10-31-2021 , 11:53 AM
it doesn't seem unreasonable that in a game with deep stacks like PLO has that you could end up ahead by 16 buyins over that sort of sample. if you're able to buy in for 200bb deep, it's really only managing to win a couple of all-ins twice in a row at any point during the span, then doing it again and breaking even.

that said, this is like asking a marathon runner what their split was over the last 100 metres. it's an interesting factoid, but in the bigger picture it's completely irrelevant
11-15-2021 , 06:11 PM
Thanks sixfour. I'm posting my results every 1,000 hands of play over in the poker blog section. I'm wondering how much good variance is actually playing a role in my results, and how much it is pure skill and specialized play. So far i'm still running 119 bb/100 at PLO$25 for 2,000 hands of play.

There are some specific techniques I am using to generate this kind of win rate. I am interested to see where it all shakes out after various intervals of 5k, 10k, 50k, and 100k hands. Right now I only have time to play 2,000 hands per month, but if this win rate holds steady, I should be able to make $600 a month in my spare time.
11-16-2021 , 04:15 AM
i have a feeling darker days are coming
11-24-2021 , 08:56 PM
1k hands is nothing, get at least 100k before you talk about “winrate”