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Old 07-20-2020, 12:36 AM   #1
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WSOP owes me $600 cheated out of bets I didnít place

On Julne 25th I was playing on and was playing French roulette game(Iím not proud guys but it is what it is). Ok so I am playing and betting $30-$50 a spin. Then I hit the rebet button and the game lags and one of the gray waiting time bubble things appears. I assume itís just a bad connection with game so I exit out and reopen the game. I hit rebet again and same thing happens. Ok exit out of game renter try again, same thing happens. I get a few bets to actually work but few spins later same thing. I exit out come back in. After a bunch of these instances I come back in the game and decide to take down the bet that is ďsavedĒ when I reopen the game. I notice when I take down the bet it isnít added to my funds. Now Iíve got my ďhmmm, that doesnít seem rightĒ face on. I decide to try another bet and unsurprisingly I get the time out/lag on my bet. Fully exit software come back and reopen the game. Take down the bet I had and once again the bet is not credited to my account. I now check the game logs to see if maybe the bet went through I lost and just couldnít see it due to some issue with software. The bets in question are not in the history.

I immediately write an email. It was late and support sucks terrible at wsop so support was closed. Next day I wait an hour on hold only to talk to a. Operator who has no idea what Iím talking about so I ask to speak with a supervisor. Iím told I canít. Am I can do is request a call back within 24 hours. I do that. No call comes. I call back two days later. Same story. Wait on hold 40 minutes only to be told itís been escalated and a supervisor will call back within 24 hours. No call comes. Third call takes place maybe 5 days after incident. Wait on hold for 1h20m speak to another phone rep who canít help and am assured once again I will receive a call back in 24 hours. This repeats for 3 weeks. Finally get a call back after at minimum 15 interactions with phone support. Supervisor explains that they see there are funds in play but canít release them back to me until they figure out what happened with the game. And thay reached out to the game maker 2 weeks earlier to get an answer as to what happened.

My patience is gone at this point so I tell him I donít care what the issue is. Clearly you guys have my money and not bets were placed. Put the $600 back in my account and figure out what happened on your time. He says they canít do that, and that Iíll have an answer shortly. I donít accept this and get mouthy with him. Basically I give him an analogy of me owning a restaurant and a customer paying for food and then realizing they never received it. Asking the restaurant for refund and the restaurant saying well we know you didnít receive the food and we know you paid for it but we donít know what happened. We canít give you back the money til we figure out how we botched your order. He agrees is dumb but his hands are tied. I ask to speak to a superior he claims there isnít one.

Fast forward to 2 days ago and I am finally able to get in touch with another supervisor after a bunch of calls and waiting. He is also a moron. Tells me they are still waiting for the game maker to get back to them. I demand my money. I have no power so obviously that does nothing to sway him lol. I try to reason with him how crazy it is that they canít just refund me and find out the issue later. I play regularly on the site and these are not large stakes for me. I play both poker and way too often degen it up in the casino.

Ok so now Iím just on a moral crusade to make them pay. I wrote an email to the supervisor I spoke with last saying Iíd the money is not placed in my account by Tuesday Iím filing a lawsuit for all funds I have ever lost in casino. I have proof there were bets missing and I have no way to know if this is the first time. I have had many instances where the connection is poor and I get the gray time thingy. Itís obvious they donít have direct access to what happened in the game so itís very hard for me to believe they can be sure of each games integrity. This isnít about the money. Itís about the hassle they are putting me through and the lack of support for the issue.
I also just sent an email to NetEnt, the maker of the game to explain the situation and try to get them to do whatever they are supposed to do for wsop. Also explained I would badmouth them in every poker and gambling forum I could until it was resolved if I didnít receive my funds by July 21,2020.

Wsop has malfunctioning game in casino. Stole/lost $600ish dollars of bets from me. They admit there was an issue and there are funds ďin playĒ but they are t actually in play and I canít get them.

I have to wait 4 weeks and counting for their tech team to figure out what happened before they will release funds. They are waiting for game maker to explain what happened.

I am annoyed and contemplating spending way more than $600 to sue them for all the money Iíve ever lost in the casino bc they canít guarantee this hasnít happened before. Also how can they know the integrity of the games if they donít have access to know what happens in them?
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Old 07-20-2020, 09:45 PM   #2
John Mehaffey
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Re: WSOP owes me $600 cheated out of bets I didnít place

Have you complained to the DGE yet?
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Old 07-21-2020, 10:52 AM   #3
old hand
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Re: WSOP owes me $600 cheated out of bets I didnít place

Placing that lawsuit today?
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Old 07-22-2020, 12:25 AM   #4
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Re: WSOP owes me $600 cheated out of bets I didnít place

You should sue yourself for poor grammar and spelling before you sue anyone else.
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Old 07-23-2020, 03:15 AM   #5
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Re: WSOP owes me $600 cheated out of bets I didnít place

These unregulated sites are so shady. I can’t wait until we have legal online gam... oh wait.
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