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Wanna be SD pro Wanna be SD pro

05-12-2023 , 08:10 PM
Hello.I am 28 years old from Bulgaria and i quit my job last year to play poker.I began with spin n go but it is too fast and somehow boring for me.Recently I found Six Plus Holdem and gave it a try and realy loved it.It is amazing game altough it could be brutal sometimes.I played without tracker fo SD about two months and now i have 75k hands in H2N for less than two months.I am still slightly loosing player by EV but with rakeback i have been made a little bit ove 40BI.My english is not perfect but i have not any poker friends playing SD so i decided to make some kind of blog here and sharing hands and graphs at least 3-4 times a week even if nobody cares
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05-12-2023 , 08:37 PM
This is a hand from yesterday or the day before.UTG2 is a solid easterneuropean reg for the limit.Here i am making a range bet on flop and on the turn after villian leads i was sure he has the JT straight.Of course i knew he could have some TT,JJ and AT,AJ spades semi bluffs wih some boats but i decided it is a good spot to represent the boat myself and did it.Do you think it was a good spot to do that or i am just burning money.Also what about the sizing is it too much and does it actually gave up some kind of weakness or it is not so relevant.Also do you agree with me for villians range? If you have some other comments obut the hands and not only i will be happy to discuss it

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05-14-2023 , 03:25 PM
Here is another bad one from me.On the turn I basically knew he is really strong because of the size on the bet and put him on a chop or nut straight.Usually i would not want to call 3rd street pot size just for chop but my hand looked pretty strong just to fold it so i decided to see river and lead every peared board to fold him out of chop or the nut straight.Do you think it was a good try or it is too much.Also what about the sizing?
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05-15-2023 , 07:10 AM
Another one from today. Here everything is standard (i believe so) to the river where we have some action.Villian is reg but he is very splashy sometimes.That session he was more balanced and calm so his pot size bet looked like 99% value bet to me.May be HU he would have some bluffs with blockers or thin value bets but here 4way i gave him credit.Of course i cant fold flush here but playing close to 200 bb deep i wondered if i have raises here because i am on the bottom of my value range here.The thing is that if i min raise and he is going all in i will be in a very bad spot because with 4card straight out there it will be hard for me to find some bluffs from his side and in the same time there is not logic in turning his straight in a bluff.I i just go bigger i am not sure if he calls anything weaker.Let me know what do you think?
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