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Using hand2note with VPN turned on? Using hand2note with VPN turned on?

09-29-2021 , 09:34 AM

has anyone got a fix for this? its when it tries to connect to database.

hem2 has similar connection problems but if you change the i.p to "localhost" it works. is there a similar option for hand2note anywhere?
09-29-2021 , 12:20 PM

If you want to use Hand2Note with a VPN running. You have to do it with a VPN which offers split tunnelling option.

As far as i know this features are available in Express VPN and also Private Internet Acces.

In VPN settings you can select to skip using VPN for Hand2Note but to keep using VPN for all other sites and apps.

Like this(example below is Private Internet Access VPN):

Then it will work and no errors will appear.