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08-05-2022 , 09:56 AM
I am tring to get the hud to work with suprema app windows version, Hand2tnot is open but the hud not appearing, I followed the steps that were suggested but nothing happens.

any ideas on how to get it working.
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08-05-2022 , 10:08 AM
Hello. Please make sure that you are using Hand2Note version and that you have the same checkboxes in Configuration - Hud:

Also, please note that you must run Hand2Note and the Suprema client as administrator, and you must have an active Asia or Pro subscription.

If all settings and conditions are met, please, but the hud is not displayed, please follow these steps:

If all settings and conditions have been met and the hud is displayed but does not accumulate hands, please follow these instructions:
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08-05-2022 , 12:20 PM
I got to work, but it seems to work only on 4 and 5 card PLO , do you support 6card PLO? if I opne a 4c 5c table its seem to work and display perfect once I open a 6c PLO table the hud gets confused displaying it bigger and on diffent table, I think it thinks its one table if the second table is a 6card

any ideas?
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08-05-2022 , 06:59 PM
H2N doesn't support PLO6. Please check the guide
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