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Stakes automatically filtered out in stats Stakes automatically filtered out in stats

11-14-2021 , 07:03 AM

I have an issue with stats not being built for lower stakes (NL25 and NL50), while for all higher stakes they build just fine. I can't find any settings that I've mixed with that would cause it. I haven't messed with these, for example:

What can be the cause of this?

I have H2N Edge.
11-14-2021 , 09:30 AM

Please try to follow this instruction

In general you are right, this can be configured in game type settings

By changing big blind size settings
11-14-2021 , 12:50 PM
Resetting the Game Types did the trick. But what's weird is that once I change back to my personal Reg definition, the stats for NL25 and NL50 aren't built again. I can't see why the Reg definition would affect that...?
11-14-2021 , 02:08 PM
Defining Reg and Fish Should not affect stats building for NL25 and NL50

Please try to reinstall Hand2Note using this guide

Step 2 save your settings (The following folders Config,Notes,MarkedHands)