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range research question range research question

10-04-2021 , 09:44 PM
hello i used range research feature, i created a stat where villian bets the turn and player raises , then i got this result... in next actions i see FCR (i assume its Fold call raise) 55/35/24 but then i see that lower in this result it says "next villian action" FCR 51/42/7.7

so i dont understand, last action in my stat was "player action" , then of course its villian turn so i though the next action was 55/35/24 as it says first on the results page, but after that it says another thing 51/42/7.7

can you explain me how to read this result properly?
10-05-2021 , 12:04 AM
Next Action and Next Villain Action are two different things.
Next Action only shows values of next player's action after the stat definition.
Next Villain Action shows the next villain's action after the stat, regardless of which villain is it.
You can read more here: