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hud not updating hands hud not updating hands

06-11-2022 , 08:48 AM
hello im using free hand2note for trial and the hud is there but it doesnt update the hands
i already tried everything in this it doesnt work

help please
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06-11-2022 , 10:07 AM
Hello! Please take a screenshot where we can see your table and the main window of Hand2Note while playing, make sure to screenshot full windows with all borders in the frame.

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06-11-2022 , 10:26 AM
06-11-2022 , 06:33 PM
Originally Posted by puckysama
Please check the following:1)Please make sure that you are using the latest Hand2Note version which is or newerThis option should be turned off to receive required room updates automatically:(In case if it was turned On , please turn it off and restart your Hand2Note)

If your Hand2Note version is older than please use this guide to update your Hand2Note 2) Please first check if PS client is saving Hands and that autoimport folders set in Hand2Note Configuration->Autoimport settings are matching folders in PS client 

Example of correct configuration for PS

If you are playing tournaments for PS you have to add two folders in total Hand history folder and tournament summaries folder

3) PS client version should be 46000 and higher. Old poker sites clients are not supported.
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06-12-2022 , 07:40 AM
well i already had those and it doesnt work even when i reinstalled
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06-12-2022 , 10:02 AM
Hello! Could you show me the screenshots, please?

PokerStars - Settings - Playing History - Hand History

Hand2Note - Configuration - Auto Import

Hand2Note - Configuration - HUD
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06-12-2022 , 11:55 AM

the weird part is if i manually import the hands then the hud updates, but not automatically, its so weird
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06-12-2022 , 01:23 PM
Your autoimport settings are wrong. It wont work.

For an archive folder you can add default one. Like this C:\MyHandsArchive_H2N

Correct autoimport settings example for PS:
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06-12-2022 , 04:26 PM
oh my god thank you so much i didnt realise that but now it works!! thank you man
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