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10-02-2021 , 02:16 AM
Hi. I play on mainly stars/888/party. But usually its only one site at a time or two sites at once. So its usually only stars, or stars/888 or 888/party. I also play a lot of tables. I can do at least 12+ tables. But there are times where I can have 20 tables but that is rare.

I been using Hem2 for a long time and I like it. The thing is i like how i configured my hud. Basically its like 5 stats on 3 different lines so it looks like this


I dont label anything on each x because I know what each stat is.

I been mostly playing on party/888. As many of you know, the party software is really bad. I also play satellites there as well and since there are ton of table changes, well tables freeze quite a bit. I use stars/888/partycaption etc. When I was using hem2 with 888 and party, lot of client issues with freezing and crashing. Its basically unplayable for most players.

Now hem2 hud no longer work with 888 anymore. So I did a trial version of hem3... and there are tons of lagging and client crashes. But not only that... my party tables dont even reopen after these crashes. The only way it does is when i close hem3. But then i have no hud to use on 888. So unless i only play on party and not 888, then i need a hud.
10-02-2021 , 02:20 AM
Someone mentioned and recommended hand2note. So these are my questions.

1. Does your program use much cpu power? I know hem2 is intensive but hem3 is extremely intensive.

2. Do users who heavily multitable with hand2note running have issues with lagging of any sort like with hem3? Example i read there are ppl that 20+ table on stars etc. But since they have aurora now, well the lagging does happen. But will hand2note have any effect on it?

3. Is it possible to make the hud look exactly or similar to how my hud looks in hem2? I know i was able to do so in hem3 by like copying it. Because I see how the hud looks in pokertracker and im not a big fan of it. It is way too long.

4. Is it possible to get the overall reports similar to like hem2? I dont see any of those programs like leakbuster or notecaddy etc. I only want to look at overall reports.

5. Bit confused with the cost of it. It cost $19.90 a month if you want the base but $50 a month if you want the pro. But if those are the only sites i plan to play on and maybe WPN, then the first one would do? I don't need any special type of hud or anything like that. So its a monthly subscription or is it yearly? Do you pay it at once? All i want is a hud where i can configure to look exactly or similar to like how hem2 hud. And I want to see overall reports where i could see my vpip, pfr, aggression, flop cbet percent, fold to cbet percentage, bb/100 and Evbb/100.

6. Is hand2note the most popular hud right now? Again I used hem1 and hem2 for many years since it came out. I still remember pokertracker before that and I wasn't that big fan of it. For me, i just want a program where it doesnt lag my computer.
10-02-2021 , 09:34 AM
1. No, H2N doesn't need much cpu power.
2. It depends on your popup and database size. Usually there are no feezing or lagging.
3. Yes, it is possible. You could do it yourself or order your private HUD here:
4. Can't compare with HM, but you could try 30-days free trial and compare it by yourself.
5. For WPN you could even use free Base subscription. If you would like to use positional and dynamic HUD EDGE will be enough for you. Here is versions comarision:
6. We don't sell HUD but you could try many HUD for H2N here:
10-02-2021 , 04:39 PM
Thanks for the response.

what do you mean my database size? Thing is i want stats like vpip/pfr/agg factor.

Then other stats like 3bet, 3bet fold, flop cbet, turn cbet , fold flop cbet etc. So imagine around like 25 stats of 5 lines each in the hud.

When you say make the hud look exactly like hem2.... when you say do it yourself... what do you mean by that? I took a look at that page and its a bit confusing since you could order your private hud here. I just want those same 25 stats in my hud of 5 lines each in hem2... in this one if its possible. Those stats are regular stats like the ones i mentioned. Again thing is i don't want the hud to look like PT as it is really long lengthwise which wouldnt work for me since it would make block so many things on the actual table.

Wait so for wpn, you telling me you could use it free? I havent play much on wpn but you saying you dont even need to pay for it if you use free base subscription? Thing is i want the hud to work on 888 which is the big thing. Right now hem2 and its hud still works on stars.

What are the minimum specs that one should have though for their computer? My laptop is 5 years old... i5-6300hq but it has a 1tb ssd and 32gb ram. That should be more than enough to get it to work? Again hem2 rarely had issues.
10-02-2021 , 05:37 PM
You could use oreder your HUD or you could create it by yourself with this manual:

Here you can read about subscriptions and choose the one you need:

You have a good PC and there should be no slagging or freezes
10-04-2021 , 08:02 AM

you know the scene in a few good men where nicholson is cross examined and pushed and pushed with follow up questions until he crumbles and gives up?

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your witness, mr james200x...
10-06-2021 , 10:51 PM
Originally Posted by PaulyJames200x Hand2Note Questions
What are the minimum specs that one should have though for their computer? My laptop is 5 years old... i5-6300hq but it has a 1tb ssd and 32gb ram. That should be more than enough to get it to work? Again hem2 rarely had issues.

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