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hand2noet crashes hand2noet crashes

06-12-2022 , 07:36 PM
When I played poker (1 room, chico), my hand2note crashed every 15 minutes.
Every time he crashed, he saved his hands and simply closed.
I have windows 11. What are the options to solve the problem?
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06-12-2022 , 08:05 PM

Please reinstall Hand2Note using this guide

Do no skips steps (3,4,5)

Step 2 save your settings (The following folders Config,Notes,MarkedHands)

Please download latest Chico client and reinstall it too.

I would recommend to complete these steps to avoid any problems:
Please install all the latest windows updates

Turn off or uninstall your antivirus if you have one

Add room folder and hand2note folder to the windows exclusions


Always launch Hand2Note and your room as an administrator

Sit down and play few hands

Chico does not require configuring autoimport. In case if you did add any folders for chico in Hand2Note-Configuration-Autoimport please delete them. Adding wrong folders might cause problems or freezes.
hand2noet crashes Quote
06-13-2022 , 11:22 PM
Hi, try using windows 10
hand2noet crashes Quote