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h2n not working on chico and wpn h2n not working on chico and wpn

11-08-2021 , 09:23 PM
Hi, the hud is working fine on pokerstars but not on chico and wpn.

For chico: its importing hands, if i change the profile in game, hud will appear for 1 hand and then disappear.
For wpn: hud just doesnt load.

ive reinstalled h2n
11-08-2021 , 09:37 PM
if i turn off the hud for ignition, it stops the hud for chico + wpn for some reason

if i tick this back, it always appears. how to fix?
11-09-2021 , 12:17 AM
Where do you select these rooms?
For WPN, do you have autoimport set up correctly from room folder?

If you need to disable HUD on Ignition for good, you can first disable room compatibility auto updates in Configuration -> HUD, and then in the Updates menu in the main window rollback the Ignition module update to an older version.
11-09-2021 , 10:56 PM
Try to return the default configuration in Game types and set it up again.