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H2N hud going funny H2N hud going funny

06-14-2022 , 09:57 PM
I've noticed that H2N hud is switching between profiles on a specific table "Tours" on 888. It might have the same problem on another table which starts with a "T".

Another thing that is very annoying is the fact that when I double-right click on a HUD to see how the player is playing that session, the specific HUD I double right-click is running away/changing position.

Those two aspects are very tilting :-(.

Another thing that I experienced from the start using H2N, is when I play tournaments, the HUD is switching between default/VENOM cash, and I'm not really sure that it counts hands as the tournament goes on.(is flashing/switching between those 2 profiles). That is very tilting.

I use 888caption.
If you have any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks.
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06-15-2022 , 03:08 AM
888caption may be interrupting Hand2Note module operation, it's better to avoid using it together with H2N or disable sending data to H2N.
Make sure you have the latest version of H2N and that you're always running it as admin. In Configuration -> Rooms -> Pacific nickname must be blank and preferred seats by default.
In Configuraiton -> HUD make sure you have this option enabled:

And this one disabled:
H2N hud going funny Quote
06-15-2022 , 09:34 AM
thanks for your quick reply
H2N hud going funny Quote