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BOL (chico) cashgame anonymous player BOL (chico) cashgame anonymous player

10-19-2021 , 04:52 PM

I recently switched from Tigergaming Skin to BetOnLine Skin. I didnt knew
that on BoL player are anonymous until u join the table, after u join tho the player name gets revealed. Hand2note tho continues to name the player like Anonymous Player 1, 2, 3 etc. When a new player joins tho, it takes it real name...

Is there any workaround for it? Or what am i supposed to do? Switch back?

Thanks for your help!
10-19-2021 , 07:17 PM
The latest room update has caused problems and Hand2Note doesn't work there at this time. We are aware of the problem, our development team is working on the solution. I can't give you the ETA, but we'll do everything possible to restore the support shortly.

You can follow the updates in the bottom right corner of Hand2Note main window (Click on "Updates" to see the updates history). Also, we have Telegram channel - , and Discord - where we post update news among other announcements.

Thank you for contacting Hand2Note customer support. We apologize for the inconvenience.
10-20-2021 , 02:44 PM
An update for Chico anonymous tables was just released please restart your Hand2Note.
10-20-2021 , 03:13 PM
oh well, that was fast!
working great again. thanks
10-22-2021 , 02:07 AM
Originally Posted by PaWa BOL (chico) cashgame anonymous player
oh well, that was fast!
working great again. thanks
You are welcome. Write to us if you have any questions.

Good luck!