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11-02-2021 , 07:25 AM
Hello everyone,

I am experiencing trouble playing on (French version) with Hand2Note, since October 29th.

Some of hands I played are not visible in the Session page. On the tables, the HUD is never updating.

I have cleared all stats and build them again. Since then, all HUDs are showing 0 hand on all Betclic players while they are still present in the Home page with good hands count and correct VPIP/PFR stats. On the tables, HUD is never updating and all players have 0 hand, with not stat displayed.

I also play on (French room of PartyPoker) and I am not experiencing any trouble.

[1] Rooms configuration

[2] Auto import configuration

[3] HUD configuration

Thank you in advance for any help you could give me. I am also available for any question you would ask to help me figure it out where the issue comes from.

Best regards,
11-02-2021 , 07:57 AM

First please make sure that you are running the latest Hand2Note version which is

In Betclic room settings please enable option to store hand history locally.

This option should be turned off If it was turned on , please turn it off and relaunch Hand2Note and Ipoker.

Please delete Hero nickname in Hand2Note->Configurator->Rooms->Ipoker Hero is detected automatically.

Your autoimport folder is not set properly. Please change it a little bit, so it should end with history folder. Like this:

You can test it out now. If it wont work please do this
11-02-2021 , 04:25 PM
I reset games types configuration, and it seems to work fine now. Thank you