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888 Hand Import Stopped working... 888 Hand Import Stopped working...

02-12-2022 , 10:45 PM
My hand import seemed to stop working on 888. The hud is displayed, but the stats aren't updated at the end of the hand. Also if I filter the reports for today, there aren't any hands. It was working a few days ago and I don't think anything changed on my computer or settings. Do you have any debugging tips?

888 Hand Import Stopped working... Quote
02-12-2022 , 11:09 PM
Hi, please show on the screenshot Hand2Note autoimport settings and 888 hand history folder location in 888 client settings.

Also make sure you are using the latest version of H2N.
888 Hand Import Stopped working... Quote
02-13-2022 , 10:33 AM
I'm on version I took a look at your changelog. I believe the change committed on Feb 8 broke my import.
I suspect 'disabling the Pokerstars format', may be preventing the hands from saving. Is there any way to download a prior version to test it out. Or is there an easy way to re-enable it?

To answer your questions. Here are my auto import settings.

I can't find the export directory in the poker client's settings. I do have WSOP\GameHistory directory on my filesystem, which is empty.
888 Hand Import Stopped working... Quote
02-13-2022 , 11:03 AM
I think I've confirmed it was the Feb 8 build. When I moved the two files in the _backup\Pacific\integration directory into the \integration directory, the import worked again!!!

To be clear these two files are
1) h2n888poker.dll
2) h2nPacific.exe

Hope that helps!
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04-17-2022 , 06:53 PM
Just following up on this. I believe the Pacific update on 8 Feb 2022 ( prevents me from importing hands. Note I'm playing on WSOP.PA. This verson of WSOP (which use the Pacific client) doesn't save hand histories to my hard drive. So per the change log, when you 'Disabled: Saving hand History in Pokerstars format' hands are no longer imported and stored in my DB (everything else works fine). Would it be possible to re-able this feature or, at least, provide a toggle for it? Thanks.

Note as pointed out above, manually rolling back this update fixes my problem. So, I am pretty sure it's NOT a configuration issue on my end.

Here's the change that breaks my import.
888 Hand Import Stopped working... Quote
04-17-2022 , 08:10 PM

Probably the only way for you to use it then it to use old version of Hand2Note pacific module.

Instructions how to rollback:


1. Please enable this option to disable automatic updates for Hand2Note. Put green tick on.

2. Find a pacific module update version that you want to try to rollback on

Lets say version press on three dots near it and choose to rollback.

888 Hand Import Stopped working... Quote