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Training site for beginners.

Hi, guys, I am a student in business leadership with interest in digital marketing. I am a person who finds it difficult to motivate myself in doing things in whom I don't see practical value and thinks that best way to learn something is by doing. So I think the best way for me to learn digital marketing and business is by practicing it and I have a small project in mind that would help me learn new things and it could also slightly benefit poker ecosystem.
Idea is to make site that offers to coach for total beginners and players who struggle to beat micro and low stakes and to do so by targeting. The site would put great emphases to learning fundamentals of the game and not only strategy component of a game but also "big picture" mentality including psychologic and soft skills, balanced lifestyle etc. necessary to make a step from 0 to 1 and further. We would try to pinpoint and target this market share by researching Facebook and other social media statistic and trends and by using other digital marketing tools like SEO etc. Training site format would be mostly one on one coaching and desirable coaches would be players who have a strong fundamental knowledge and good teaching skills. Price for coaching would be relatively low and coaches may be micro and low stakes players- we would definitely target different market share then big players because there is already a lot of great quality material for higher skill level costumers. What do you guys think?

(disclaimer- this is not big scale project, as I mentioned before this is a small project to get a taste of digital marketing and business in general and I choose poker niche for it because I still have a passion for the game and I want to try a different perspective.)

If you have some suggestions or questions feel free to post here or PM me.

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