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Re: Share your "I quit professional poker" story

I started hearing voices.

Like when someone goes through all the radio stations not stopping for more than 2 seconds at a given radio station. Like when you are channel surfing on the TV.

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Re: Share your "I quit professional poker" story

SNG player playing hypers. Damn those games was so soft at Full tilt $7.
Moved up to $30-$60 stars hyper then quit.

Why you quit
PS cut SNE and games drying up. I thought I would take a shot next year at SNE and PS cut it lol.
And games really dried up and $100+ game barely run.

What you're doing now
Asked former boss if I could go back, he accepted, with a decent raise too. So having a regular job now.
On the side I am trading with my interactive broker account. Knowing interactive broker alone is a life changer.
It is a well kept secret that you can get fund in the option market for even below IB margin rate.
Ran insanely hot and made 200k.

Whether or not you are happy with your decision to quit
I am happy with my decision but I do not regret my time playing poker.
Poker have taught me all sort of stuff that I would never know otherwise.
Now I really value the benefits that a regular job provide me.

Challenges you faced while transitioning

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