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Don't start a new thread until you've skimmed this!

2p2 has a very solid search function that can bring up threads with a vast wealth of information. BFI is popular enough now with enough content that our next evolution is to keep topics discussed in the same thread, keeping that thread alive so people can expand on ideas, and give everyone a one stop resource on a specific topic.

In order for this idea to work, people need to start searching for threads of the same name. Sometimes your idea for a thread name might be different, and threads get missed. Thats ok, I'm a forgiving guy. But in the last few weeks I've seen identical threads get started, where the original thread had all the information the original thread poster would need. We don't need to be repeating ourselves, because then we get angry, and then the thread starter gets angry wondering why we're getting angry and a flame war starts etc etc. Avoid this by taking a few simple steps before you post a thread:

- Search google for the same topic. Many of you lie when you say you consulted google, because I'm a horrible searcher and find plenty of information on the topic you posted.

- Check out this megathread, read what should be posted in there. Anything thats a one line answer or really simple/newbie questions, put it in there.

- Do a forum search for the topic you're posting. Some threads will be hidden, most won't. If your thread idea comes up, post in that thread instead. It makes the discussion 10x more awesome because people don't need to repeat themselves!

- If you're posting a news article, please search for it first, it takes 2 seconds and keeps all the discussion in one place.

- If you have a job to offer, please post it in the marketplace, its really nice of you and appreciated that you come to 2+2 to offer poker players jobs in finance, but this MUST be posted in the marketplace section of the site.

This is really really easy stuff, even if you're new to BFI, please respect it by following these steps. If you do, we love to help. If you don't, we get angry, you get bad advice, and no good discussion takes place. Everyone loses. Lets show some effort and help make this an even better forum than it is!

Edit: one last point, don't post homework questions. trust me, we know its a homework question. If you're half way through a problem and want to show us what you have so far, posting it in the general thread is fine. But just posting the question alone with none of your own research a saying "help me guys" will get your thread locked or deleted.

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