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Re: Coronavirus

Originally Posted by Tien View Post
So do the good thing and lock yourself at home for next 5 years because then you will never catch covid and transmit it to anyone else. That was what the discussion was about. Locking everything down so that we prevent as much covid as possible due to long haulers.

Now that vaccines don't stop transmission (although they minimize deaths), the no lockdown, slow burn strategy has been the best strategy to use for western countries.
No what the discussion was about was you laughing at people that got sicker than you and thinking it was a fraud or they were fat/lazy because they got worse symptoms than you did.

You are the person who says 'oh haha sure Cancer is bad. I had a mild case, required little treatment and got better right away so what a bunch of fat losers who actually get serious cancer'.

You are the type of person who thinks 'if I got a mild case that must be the norm for all unless they are lazy and out of shape'.

You need to keep quiet about labeling anything anyone else says the 'derpiest'.
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