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Re: Bitcoins - digital currency

Originally Posted by HeardARumor View Post
Bittrex is a god damn scam. Wow. They changed the T/C a while back, I figured ok, if I need to withdrawal I can submit my documents.

Now I need to withdrawal. I submit my documents, my info. "We could not verify your info, sorry"

Apparently people have gone months without getting responded to in a support ticket, could be years.

For all intents and purposes they have stolen my money, money that I needed to buy food, to eat, to live.

At best, a scam, at worst, directly responsibly for my death.
I think they are just wildly understaffed and didn't anticipate the extreme volume of users that would join in such a short amount of time and are having trouble keeping up with customer service issues.

I'm enhanced verified and using 2FA, which I suggest you setup if you haven't already. I've had no issues with deposits or withdrawals. Their document scanning software must suck, because most complain that they receive an error when trying to upload and be verified automatically. Upload your documents, and if verification fails set up a Bittrex Support account here and open a service request:

Once you've submitted your request, email support letting them know the SR # ( and asking them to escalate. Finally, it appears they respond quickly to their Twitter support channel, so I'd also hit them up here letting them know that verification isn't working for you (@BittrexExchange).

My guess is that you can get verified and make withdrawals following this process within 48 hours.

Good luck!

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Mat Cauthon
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Re: Bitcoins - digital currency

Originally Posted by Biesterfield View Post
It matters because most assets tend to revert to their fundamental value over time
The fundamental value has risen exponentially since Bitcoin's creation, as it is based on a growing network. We are quite a bit above that value at the moment, but the risk with trying to wait for a correction is the same as it has been for many years, that by the time the market loses faith and the price reverses down to the fundamental value, the network has grown to where that value is higher than the current price.

Trying to time the market is tough, try it at your own peril. Otherwise, if you believe in the long term, invest an amount that you're willing to bet on a high risk investment. Dollar cost average if it brings you psychological comfort.
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