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Business, Finance, and Investing Making money, investing in markets, and running businesses

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BFI Sticky (Links&Rules) **UPDATED 11/22/2010**

Welcome to the Business, Finance and Investing Forum on 2+2
Forum Rules:

1) NO SPAMMING!!!! This is a place to discuss different money making and business ideas, not a place to spam your own.

We have talked with Mat about this subject and he has agreed to let us allow/disallow personallinks in this forum at our discretion. So what this means, things can basically go back to normal, although we are still going to error on the cautious side when allowing/disallowing links. So if something seems even borderline spam, it will be deleted. Posts that show effort to discuss things about their site along with a link are greatly less likely to get deleted than posts that are basically here's my site look at me.

2) When you use this forum, you are expected to be civil, courteous and respectful of other members.

3) Use the search function. If you post something that has been discussed enough times that I think it's ridiculous to not be able to find it in search, I will lock it. Some examples of this include "I have $x to invest, I'm a newb, help!" and "How should I allocate my retirement/vangaurd/401k/you get the idea portolio." It's not that these questions aren't valid, but the forum does itself a disservice by having fragmented discussion on them. Find the existing thread and post in there.

Beginner and/or General questions *ALL* go here:

Beginner/General Thread

Investing links:]Spex answers all questions on real estate
Art on Day Trading
Investopedia, a quick reference for financial and investing terms
The definitive Index Investing thread (ETF/Passive investing allocation)
Help me with my 401k?
Finance reading study group - Digest Book thread Trading 101 - position sizing
OOT thread on credit scores
Ask anything about mortgages
Scorpion Man on beating the market, poker and other things
Scorpion Man on everything
Jim Cramer discussion
Scorpion Man on detection deception through body language [/list]
Suggestions go here

Free Online Business Resources:(Thanks to poster KidLifeCrisis)

Website Design
Open Source Web Design - Free XHTML/CSS website templates
TemplateWorld - Free XHTML/CSS website templates
FreeSiteTemplates - Free website templates (free site categories in top-right when page loads)
12 Basic CSS Templates
CSS 1/2/3 Column Layouts
CSS Support Table
PNG transparency fix for IE
Web 2.0 Icons Pack
Free Icons Pack

Ezine Articles

Keyword Research
Overture Keyword Selector Tool
WordTracker - Keyword suggestion tool
Google AdWords Keyword Tool (might require an AdWords account)
UrlTrends - Reverse keyword lookup

Advertising Methods (for inbound traffic & sales)
Google AdWords - Display ads through Google search & AdSense ads
Yahoo! Marketing Solutions - Display ads through YPN
Microsoft AdCenter - Display ads through adCenter
AzoogleAds - CPA marketing opportunity
Commission Junction - CPA marketing opportunity
********* - CPA marketing opportunity

Advertising Opportunities (for revenue)
Google AdSense - Display AdWords ads on your site
Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN) - Display ads on your site - An enormous list of CPC, CPM, & CPA advertising methods
Top Paying Keywords - List of top paying AdSense keywords/phrases

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities (for revenue)
Commission Junction - Large affiliate site
********* - Growing affiliate site
Amazon Associates -'s affiliate program
Wealthy Affiliate (haven't used this, don't know, sorry!)
AWeber - Autoresponder, useful for affiliate sites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Yahoo! Directory
DMOZ - Open Directory Project
Strongest Links Directory List
Backlink Builder
Google Ranking Factors - Simple SEO checklist
Live PageRank - Google pagerank tool

Miscellaneous Tools
Google Analytics - Track numerous stats about your site's visitors

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