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UK SSNL + MSNL Study group UK SSNL + MSNL Study group

10-18-2009 , 08:42 AM
Hey guys,

Looking to start up a study group with other people from the UK so we can talk about strat, do HH reviews, review other peoples vids etc.

Would be good to meet up with some other people from the UK as I don't really know anyone that plays poker seriously. I've just started to play full time and am playing 100nl and 200nl but looking to get to 400nl before Christmas.

Anyone that is interested, just send me a PM and I'll add you on skype and start a group so you can add any others that are interested.
10-18-2009 , 03:11 PM
I will pm you
10-19-2009 , 09:56 AM
pm sent
10-19-2009 , 10:31 AM
pm sent
10-20-2009 , 12:12 PM
got about 6-7 people interested in this now
10-23-2009 , 03:06 PM
PM'd a few ppl back but they haven't added me yet. group is starting to grow now. would like to see some full time ssnl grinders though
10-23-2009 , 06:09 PM
I assume you didnt pm me back as I am playing super duper micro stakes unlike you at 100NL and 200NL but its ok
10-27-2009 , 08:58 PM
pm sent