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right or wrong call? right or wrong call?

06-23-2021 , 06:00 AM

i played pot limit texas holdem (800$ pot limit) 1-2 $ blinds, i was on cut off position one player opend 12$ from MP we are about 800$ deep both another player cold called 12$ i have pair JACKS I re-reised to 75$ only original raiser called, we go head up to the flop with 165$ in pot, flop 10-10-9 rainbow i flopped over pair, and MP just jammed on me, so it is 318$ to call as we played pot limit, i played with this player a lot and i have some information about him, he would never do that if he flopped set of 10 or if flopped full house with pair 9 and i have never seen him just calling with over pair on the pre flop even someone 3-bet him, so i put him on some sort of drow straight drow and i was blocking 2 Jacks so i was thinking he has something like 78s which he could call so i made a call and run out was 8 on the turn and 2 on the river no flush on board and MP player showed QJs for the straight , how do you think guys should i fold or my call was correct based on the infromation which i have on this player?

i was on the small blind with AQs same player opened from first hand opened 15$ buttom called i 3-bet 80 and only Cut off player called with go heads up to the flop with pot of 177% flop came Q106 rainbow with so when i was thnking what to do and did not act yet cut off checked out of turn, then i bet 80$ and he jammed on me again, and i after some thinking i made a call 311$ and run out was J on the turn and J on the river so i have top 2 pairs with A kicker and Cut off player showed K9s for the straight,

i want to know whad do you think about both of this hand, did i made right decision on i should be folding for so huge overbet? and even i lost both this hands will be my call profitable on the distance or i am making mistake
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06-26-2021 , 09:33 PM
If you believe your analysis of this player, then this is obviously a call. In fact, you got it in really good against his hand. Make sure to avoid being results oriented -- "I lost, this was bad" or "I won, this was good" are very dangerous ways of thinking. Poker is different from most other aspects of life in this regard: you are not rewarded in the short term solely based off how well you play.
right or wrong call? Quote
06-27-2021 , 08:32 PM
Thanks for you time, I need to hear different opinion about those hands thanks a lot
right or wrong call? Quote