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02-14-2022 , 04:16 AM
So I saw Dylan weisman's plo course for $1000 and also one for $100 on upswing poker. $1000 sure is a lot but I'm considering it. Has anyone bought this? Is the $100 course worth it? $1000 course? Opinions? Any codes to get a better deal on it?
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03-18-2022 , 03:47 PM
Bump this cause i have the same questions,

and also cause @dr.gto is on @pokergo today for the FT of the $10k PLO.

Let's go Dylan!
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08-29-2022 , 06:55 PM
I like From the Ground UP PLO from Run it Once. It took me awhile to get through it and I am starting at the beginning and going back through it. I think it's $149 for lifetime access. From what I have seen, I believe it to the most bang for the buck. It is a little bit like watching paint dry but I have thought that about every poker book/training.
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