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My my experience with BestPokerCoaching My my experience with BestPokerCoaching

10-24-2021 , 12:45 PM
I joined the Coaching For Profits in 2016. I had to sign a contract and follow all the coditions in this contract.

Worked on my game some hours 5-6 days a week and did the updates of my bankroll everyday. The first month ended in profits and paid half of it to BestPokercoaching.

Next month was not that good and ended in a big downsving and lost more money than my profits in the first month, I didnt think much about the losing and just focus to move on.

Then I got an unique opportunity trip for two months. I wrote to my coach about the travel and got the accept to stay on standby for two months.

When I came back I was not in the program any more, I try to get an explanation but he never answered, I was just out and not available to get my security deposit even though I followed every condition for the contract.

Their concept is that you only pay if you are winning. In total I lost money in these two months but I paid more than just the secuirty deposits.

The Coach avoid me on skype and discord and in their or the coachs mind I am the one who broke some of the codition in the contract.

I could at any day stop and resign my contract and get my deposit back, but after this episode I was just kicked out.

After some years I went back after all the good stories about them. I wrote an email and told them I was a former student. I received a 50% discount on the security deposit to the new Coaching For Profits.

Then I paid for the program and got charged two times. After I paid for the program my account was not activated and took some time for them to fix before I could start playing.

I wrote to the support about the two times charging and about that I didnt have any courses available. They helped me about the courses, but they never replied to the double charging. Wrote to the support multible times but they keep avoiding the double charging for the security deposit.

Then I just stopped updating and realise the my money just was lost again.

Because Why should I keep doing "my job" if they dont wanna help me?

I was never the lazy one in this case! The coach will never admit that it was his fault.

My point of view:

In general from my point of view they just try have a good image from the outsite and ofcouse thier good stories is true but they just close the bad ones down.

For some few student they have a good experience with BPC. And I think the group of BPC already know this and they will just keep focus on the 1-5% and dont care about the rest.

I dont know what to do about this. My contract was useless. I just want to tell my story and let others know my experience.
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10-25-2021 , 06:40 AM
Hi Widden,

thanks for your feedback. What i like about it is that you don't seem to be an "angry internet guy", so we will also give you the courtesy of an answer and hopefully possibly even clear things up (i hope!).

I try to summarize what you said and then answer. Pls correct if anything seems wrong

1) You joined CFP few years ago, but got kicked out and lost the sec deposit. You won first month, but lost overall

2) You joined again, by accident paid two deposits (?!) and had no access. Supposedly access got fixed but the double payment never got refunded?
You then said "*** it", money gone, never again.


Answer: I start with 2 cuz its a no-brainer

At BPC nobody ever gets double charged by accident. And if it happens for whatever reason, you obviously get refunded. I mean, this is not even up for debate.

Please email us, pls communicate clearly and huge sorry if we messed this up in any way from our side.

Asking for a refund is one thing. We may or may not do that, but there is absolutely 0% chance that we simply "keep" a double payment.

We can argue and disagree all day about success, coaching methods. But never ever about something like this.

This must be clarified. And if it was our mistake, we will admit it here and correct it.

Also we make sure that people who pay the security deposit and lose it through their own mistake etc ALWAYS get some equivalent in course value/material that they keep... so that students NEVER walk away with a bad deal. Soft landing... so the WORST case experience at BPC should be that you tried something, didn't work for you, but you kept a course that you'd otherwise have to pay for.

Again, we may disagree about coaching. I can say how many people loved it, but you can also share what you don't like so everybody can make up his own mind.

1) Will share some thoughts

- The CFP biz model is super tough, which is why nobody else did it for a decade profitably

- The normal CFP back then was not suitable for the "normal guy". This lead to experiences like your first one, which is why we adjusted, innovated over the years. We lost a lot more money on players like yourself, which is why most CFPs today always want players to bring 100k+ samples of winning at limit x. We were the opposite, we asked losing players to join bc we knew we can make $hit happen.

But it's not always a good fit, and certainly not blaming you. Like a relationship, blame games lead nowhere.

We adjusted over the years, but that's not an easy job, especially since players don't understand that they get the equivalent of paying $500/hour without having to do that, but still wanting the same benefits

- We are very transparent, about all success, but also those who don't. Used to have many blogs here on 2p2, but the old owners/mods had their own agenda, and only saw the blogs as "spam" ... but certainly, there were even people who were made fun of...

And one fact of life is certainly true for BPC as well. Everywhere some people do really well, others do semi well and some don't do good.


I don't consider you crazy, you are very very reasonable and simply unhappy with the product/experience.

I don't think i can change that. But my goal is to get to the point where you will be able to say: "Not happy with my investment, but i got treated fairly. They are not the bad guys, we were simply not a good fit"

So please give us the chance to get to this point and clear up the communication. You can share your email, write us again etc.

And again, i hope i don't have to say this... if you got charged twice by your mistake or tech or whatever, of course you get that 2nd deposit back.
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10-25-2021 , 09:32 AM
Thx for the reply

I will come back later and make a new reply.
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10-25-2021 , 11:00 AM
Yeah, checked with the team member who handled. It's a very weird case, i can confirm there was a double payment, but days apart and first marked as not received, but later showed it was...

Then our team member asked if all was fine, but didn't get a response. But perhaps you didn't receive it etc...

I see that we are discussing a good solution and hope all is good in the end!
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11-01-2021 , 12:06 PM
Issue is solved.

Simplified: miscommunication

Happens everywhere, but glad all is fine.
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