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Looking for a MTT Coach Looking for a MTT Coach

02-28-2022 , 04:45 AM
I am looking for a MTT coach. Over the past 3 years I have decided to commit to poker, playing more live events throughout the European circuit as well as mid-stake online. However, throughout this period I have had a negative ROI which I am hoping I can fix.

I am dedicated in terms of time and willingness to understand new concepts, fixing existing leaks in the game and wanting to develop. I am interested in developing a GTO based strategy, and eager to develop and improve my game
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02-28-2022 , 10:37 PM
Happy to chat to you on Skype - James.lee1819 / Discord Jaylee18#3650 or my facebook page,

In regards to coaching!

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03-16-2022 , 09:15 AM
Hey, man. Hit me up if interested, could definitaly help you with game.
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03-20-2022 , 06:53 AM
Hello, long-time MTT strategy coach and mindset coach here. Please provide a means of contact, as you have too few posts to have DMs enabled.

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