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10-28-2017 , 05:21 AM

They are also on Instagram.

Iíve been playing for almost 12 years. I have almost 7k of logged hours and have beat the 1/3 & 2/5 game for about 10bb per hour consistently.

I took their Hybrid poker IQ test twice and scored 44 and 56. Supposedly you
can score 200+. I think they paid Daniel Negreanu to endorse their site. Daniel said he got 144 (which is definently possible) In all honesty I think their IQ test is rigged. Itís made very vague and can be misinterpreted very easily. They donít provide enough variables/details with some of their questions so it makes some questions difficult to answer. They make it so a large percentage of people score low so that they can get more business for their coaching site (if I score lowbrow must need their help lol) You canít really play GTO when you are playing live poker. I agree that exploitive poker is the best way to play live but pushing the ďGTOĒ aspect is ludacrus at the lower stakes.

What are your thoughts on this coaching site?
Instagram Hybrid Poker Coaching GTO Exploitive Quote
10-28-2017 , 06:29 PM
Seems like a nice way to get people's email addresses to sell a product/service to them.

There isn't much content on there available, it just looks like a strong sales hook "take this test, give us your email" so I guess it depends what is behind it.

As far as DN goes, wasn't he one of the people promoting those confidence bracelet things? Obviously there's a long track record of his involvement with players and PS regarding rewards, so you can also draw an opinion yourself on what his involvement means to a company as a spokesperson.
Instagram Hybrid Poker Coaching GTO Exploitive Quote
02-24-2022 , 01:46 PM
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Instagram Hybrid Poker Coaching GTO Exploitive Quote