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Found a juicy soft game, how can I keep getting action and continue my current win rate? Found a juicy soft game, how can I keep getting action and continue my current win rate?
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Found a juicy soft game, how can I keep getting action and continue my current win rate?

04-07-2021 , 02:17 PM
Iíve been playing in 1/2 that plays like a 1/2/5/10 since October 2020. I am making $101.94/hour over 61 hours at this particular room. The game only runs twice per week. Iíve cashed 8/11 sessions (72%). Average win per session is $569.82.

The player pool has 10-20 rotating ok/bad regs and probably 50 total players. For the most part villains are known villains to the hero.

At what point do I start adjusting my strategies? Obviously I donít want to be result oriented here. My goal is to stay ahead of the population in this game when it comes to how I am thinking about poker. Villains are thinking about hands in absolute hand values not relative values or ranges. I also do not believe any of the villains to be GTO practitioners or users of solvers/poker software etc.

I really want to milk this game for as long as possible and as efficiently as possible.

Iíd love to hear some of your thoughts on how to go about successfully adjusting my strategies over time in this game and some of the topics below:

If Iím thinking in ranges (merged, polarized) is it as effective if my opponents arenít thinking in ranges and only thinking in absolute hand value/intuition?

Same goes for GTO, if my villains know nothing of GTO does wielding it against them give me an edge long run?

What are some of the signs that I should break from the game? Is there a point where Iíll start achieving diminishing returns from playing and winning too often? Is winning too often even a ďthingĒ? Iím assuming yes here because player pool is so small.
04-08-2021 , 04:34 AM
Good questions, and absolutely the answer is - no, you should not employ GTO strategies or balanced ranges directly against terrible players. Your knowledge of GTO will still help you, and it will help you to understand why and how far you are deviating from balanced play against these players. But you will absolutely want to employ very exploitative (and therefore exploitable, and unbalanced) strategies against bad players with obvious leaks.

If you aren't sure how to exploit various leaks you might be able to observe, and you'd like to review, hit me up for a coaching enquiry.

I would not leave the game at any time for fear of upsetting the players by winning. If they aren't capable of adjusting, they probably aren't going to notice much. If you notice them actually starting to leave themselves (in numbers) you might want to take a break.

04-08-2021 , 03:53 PM
just bash them over the head with value bets until they stop paying you off. my guess is, they never will.