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fixing me leak fixing me leak

03-22-2021 , 02:02 AM
This is not a theory sharing post, its a post that I analyze my own hand history data and try to find my leak. Im not sure where to post it, but I really hope you guys can help me out because I have so many problems, I will color the questions I have in this post

Hello, 2+2, This is Soda, and I play on Pokerstars NJ(incase you dont know, it is Pokerstar for the US, New Jersey area in specific, and it is soft)

I moved up to NL100 this year, and I play NL200 sometimes when there are enough fish on the table.

Long story short, I had a pretty good mouth for Jan, pretty bad for Feb and March (still winning , but only 2.5bb/100 overall)

Overall Win rate
I decided to check my hand history data in PT4, Finding out that according to the book Modern Poker Theory, the biggest problem I have is BN and EP, I could improve my play at BB and SB as well, and here is the data.

PS. All the data are from the hand history when there are 4-6 players on the table.


I use BTS Preflop range, but I dont follow it 100%, I play little tighter than the range.

The leak I found here is that I 3bet too little at BN, SB, BB. according to the BTS range, I will increase My BN 3bet to 12%. SB 3bet Steal to 13.5%, and BB 3 bet steal to 15%. Do you think these are good frequency?

Also, I fold too much at BN and SB when I face 3bet, I dont know what the heck I was doing at BN to fold 60%. what is the frequency I should fold at BN when facing 3bet? 40? How about SB? shuold I keep the same or call more since I am OOP ?

My 4bet range is just terrible, there is barely any bluff. I am going to add some more hands in my 4bet range.

Is 65% fold to steal at BB too much? I think its about 50% in BTS range, but the rake may different and the player pool here dont have as many steals as the chart.


I dont know what the frequency should be, but I think I cbet too much at EP and MP?

Also, for BN, should I Cbet little less, like 60%? My fold to turn probe is 57% because my checking range is just too weak. and It affect my red line

is there any other factor that affect my redline as well?

Do you guys know how can I find out why exactly my EP and BN win rate is so low other than weak checking range?

I know that there are way too many questions, also, if anyone knows coach who can review my hand history, please let me know.
03-22-2021 , 10:12 AM
I sent you a PM about coaching