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Define Floating and Peeling? Define Floating and Peeling?

03-18-2021 , 09:18 PM
Watching several You-Tube videos re poker strategy including Splitshot Sweeny, Bart Hanson, and Doug Polk and Johnathan Little. Often here them refer to floating or peeling one after a C-bet by Pre-Flop Raiser. I get the general gist that floating likely means calling with two overs and peeling is maybe calling with middle pair or pocket pair smaller than top pair, but i would like to hear a more precise definition of each. I think I have also heard a third term thrown in there as well, but cannot remember what the term was at the moment.
03-19-2021 , 04:59 AM
peeling is just calling a bet postflop to peel the next card off, floating is doing so with the intention of taking the pot away on a later hand (often without a made hand)
03-19-2021 , 08:10 AM
Cool. Thank you. I had the gist of calling to see another card but figured they were distinguishing the one from the other for some significant reason - but maybe not. I suppose you could say we peel off another card often with a draw hoping to hit but with some intention to float when we miss. I often do this when I have a straight draw and there is also a flush draw present. If the flush draw completes but I miss my straight, I will often bluff. So I guess I have been floating and peeling for a long time without knowing what I was doing! Ha Ha.

Oh, and my bad. Splitsuit, not Splitshot.
03-19-2021 , 04:01 PM
yeah I've made content for Little and Sweeney, good folk. As far as I understand the term the act of floating is the call itself, but coupled with the intention of making a play on a later street, and often it's something that is done light, or with marginal equity and relying on making moves on the later street. Hence float the turn, Jon Little's older website.
03-20-2021 , 04:24 AM
So is there no other similar third term? Seems Like I herd sweeny say another term, but cannot remember what it was. Sure I will run across it sooner or later.
03-20-2021 , 06:35 AM
floating: you have issues and dont go for a therapy like every normal person do, so your ego is very high and you feel you are better than everyone so you want to win every single hand where you are involved and if you win, you post it on social media to feel manly, if not, you dont

peeling: kind of the same thing but with lower ego and so you sometimes fold on the turn or the river and dont have the need for shareing, like joey the food
03-20-2021 , 02:30 PM
Good analogy. I guess the one who peels was floating but lost his nerve on the river.
03-25-2021 , 02:51 PM
Floating is an usual term but i have to be honest i've never heard of Peeling in poker until now.