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Coaching/training advice Coaching/training advice

03-21-2021 , 01:59 PM
Hey all,

A bit of advice about training please - I know this is lengthy but it will help you to help me..

I'm officially a fish (51-55 ability on Sharkscope). That said, I try to think about the game and regularly run deep and I'm usually quite comfortably placed when the bubble bursts yet despite that I've never cashed big. My highest FT finish was 5th ($124 from a $3 buy-in) and I usually finish 7th or 8th even when I've been the chip leader at the FT.

Yesterday, as is usual, I was longtime chip leader and top tenner in several 500-2200 runner tourneys yet despite 5 deep runs and cashes I still ended up losing money because I crashed before the FT. 2-4x buy-in doesn't go far when you often rebuy 2-3x and exit other MTT before the money spots.

Whilst I'll have many leaks, I feel I'm close to being a profitable player so can I get recommendations? I'm not paying $100ph+ for a coach and I'm not convinced about pre-written content (Upswing etc) as it's not personal to my game and questions posted in the forums are usually answered by students, not the pros.


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03-22-2021 , 05:40 AM
Ignore your financial results if your sample size is under a few thousand MTTs. It won't be meaningful.

Study the fundamentals. Do you know how to figure out direct pot odds? Do you use any preflop solver software like Holdem Resources Calculator? Review your HHs, post hands in the forums, watch material from proven winners covering basics (RIO essentials might be a good place to start).