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Coaches, what makes a good student? Coaches, what makes a good student?

09-22-2021 , 09:09 PM
Someone has been kind enough to devote time to me and Id like to make the investment worth it.

Interested in the qualities that you see in good students and if you could pass along some insights, rather than listing bad habits.

Coaches, what makes a good student? Quote
09-25-2021 , 03:51 PM
The old maxim is the best student teaches the master. So, get to burning the candle on both ends, I think Bobby Baldwin said poker is the game that rewards the most work! So do a lot of after hours and extra credit aka
Coaches, what makes a good student? Quote
10-21-2021 , 10:57 AM
Hey everyone,

I've been coaching players full-time for the past 7 years so I thought I'd give you my two cents.

Let's start with a few positives- be prompt, listen, be open-minded, and ask questions! Some of the most common positive feedback I get from my students is that I'm constantly asking them questions; questions about their thought process, about their intentions, and this, in turn, helps them better understand the "why" behind their actions. So not only should the student be asking a lot of questions, make sure your coach is too!

Things not to do- do not say, "I already do that" or "no, you can't do that". Wait for the coach to explain, and if it is the opposite of your preconceived notion, ask a question. It's important to remember, your coach has likely seen it all in poker and you aren't there to impress them, you're there to learn and improve.

As a student, you will benefit the most from asking questions and showing spots where you genuinely made a mistake. For in poker, the easiest way to improve is by learning from one's mistakes!

Would recommend checking out my coaching thread's responses, you'll find pages of testimonials from students not unlike yourself talking about their personal coaching experiences and what worked for them.

Best of luck everyone and if you ever have any questions, my DMs are always open.

Grayson "The_dean221" Nichols
Coaches, what makes a good student? Quote