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Checking my stats + BB/100 as Big Blind Checking my stats + BB/100 as Big Blind

03-12-2021 , 08:58 AM
Hey folks,

I just checked my bb/100 for each position and I was wondering if its normal that you have such a big minus bb/100 as a Big Blind.

Tbh the sample size isnt that big of a deal (50k hands) but I dont want to wait for 500k Hands until I am going to search for some leaks.

What is a 'normal good' rate as a Big blind?

In the following I will post some Screenshots, so you can see my stats. Just in case you see some punts I would be grateful for any advice.

03-12-2021 , 12:29 PM
I mean, If I fold 100% of my dealt hands I would have -16,66 bb/100 in the big blind right? So, my bb plays has to be awkward. Just realized how bad it has to be...
03-12-2021 , 11:03 PM
If you folded 100% of hands then your overall winrate would be -150bb/orbit or per 6 hands... for an overall winrate of -25bb/100

For the BB if you folded every hand you would have -100bb/100 and for SB -50bb/100.

Something along the lines of -30bb/100 in BB and -15bb/100 in SB for most games would be a good goal to have. So, to answer your question it is normal.
03-14-2021 , 08:16 AM
Right, my fault. Thanks for your answer
03-15-2021 , 02:31 PM
-35bb/100 isn't too bad. You can prob defend more, esp. by 3betting and prob need to play flops more agressively by x/r.
You should be much more concerned with your WWSF though. Unless you're playing a ton of multi-way pots in super soft pools (and even then) that's just way too low. Same for W$SD. Seems youre calling too much or making bad bluffs/bluff too often etc.