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08-19-2020 , 05:12 AM
hey guys, been playing 50nl recently with not great success. Looking for just an honest guide. I love the game of poker so much and want to get better and im just very frustrated with the way things have turned out so far. I live in Canada and I play on Pokerstars. Ive been playing for around 3 years but taken it seriously in the last 6 months. Have had moderate success at 25nl and 10nl zoom but feel the money is just to insignificant enough realitive to what im trying to get out of game, with what, I am in turn putting into it. Ive invested in pokertracker and have recently finished the lab core concept on upswing. Looking for any help.

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08-20-2020 , 05:02 AM
hi, I'm a cash game and mindset coach and I have a good amount of experience up to 1/2 (200nl) zoom. I've also received my share of coaching from some top regs including a zoom 500 stars sicko. My rates are very competitive and I'm strong on helping students to help themselves with improving their study skills. Should be able to rapidly up your ROI and overall ability.

I'll book you in for one of my free 20 min consults to talk it over in more detail. No obligation.

All the best

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08-29-2021 , 03:29 AM
Hey man badger can you coach me?
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08-31-2021 , 06:45 AM
sorry have been away and just saw this but responded to you on Discord now
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