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Study group 25NL-100NL Study group 25NL-100NL

07-08-2024 , 10:29 PM
Hi All,

Currently playing 25NL on stars with the imminent plan of moving up to 50NL. I am from the UK and wish to ideally have a small study group which can collate ideas together and discuss with the aim of us moving up the stakes. If you are interested let me know but this is for serious players only with real ambitions.

Look forward to hearing from others who have a like minded ideas and ambitions perhaps we could set up a discord group.

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07-09-2024 , 06:14 PM
I would be interested, I play a mix of stakes but usually 50NL. Also from the UK
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07-11-2024 , 06:40 PM
Ok great will send you an add on discord
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07-12-2024 , 04:45 PM
My user is Tilt1994#6183, give us an add when your next on. - thanks
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07-13-2024 , 05:00 AM
Just sent you a request, my discord name is Station_Master
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07-18-2024 , 03:50 PM
Currently at 3-4 players looking for 2 more please contact me on discord asap as wish to begin shortly. Thanks
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Today , 07:23 AM

I just sent you a request on discord, my username is “tenduce”. I play NL25 on GG, and I also mix in some live cash games as well. I study everyday so it would be nice to have some likeminded people to discuss hands.
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