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10-30-2021 , 02:30 AM
Brief introduction, my name is Dérick, I'm Brazilian and I play poker since 2004, I was a PLO professional between 2013 and 2016 (only live games) blinds 25R$ BTN straddle (around 10 dollars). I'm currently playing PLO5 1/2 USD blinds on PPPoker and with rakeback I have a total profit of about 40 thousand dollars (I've been playing PLO5 since July 2020), and I have a study group (unfortunately we speak Portuguese via discord and whatsapp, but we have two English teachers in the group and several members speak Portuguese).
Most of the players in my study group are part of a large community of PLO5 players in Brazil. PLO5 is the most popular cash game modality in Brazil, it is a national craze, and as you know, most Brazilians play very poorly, the amount of bad players is huge.

We are currently 25 players in the study group.

I'm looking for players who are interested in playing and studying PLO5, in the study group we use hand2note and Poker Oracle to analyze our hands (other software are welcome), if you are interested in this group, please reply to this post.

Requirements to join the group: professional conduct, willingness to learn, ability to contribute even if only with doubts.
11-13-2021 , 12:40 PM
Hi Derick , this is actual?
12-07-2021 , 01:17 AM
Yes, why?

Lives, classes and mentoring are done by discord, and hands, questions and strategies are discussed in a group on whatsapp
12-08-2021 , 03:49 PM
We study hands and strategies in a group on whatsapp, i do lives on discord and twitch (in portuguese), and we use some probabilities software, we study hud and statistics. Send me a private message with your details and I will contact you, if possible send me your facebook or instagram.