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Looking for a study peer NL50 Looking for a study peer NL50

09-21-2022 , 06:13 AM
Hey, everyone. I am a winning regular player who is looking to improve his game and learn together. I think I have enough theory knowledge, yet I suck at application and adaptation to the pools. I currently play NL50-100 PS zoom. I watch RIO videos and use solvers (GTOwizard, GTO+) on daily basis, yet I need to discuss my strategy with someone because I feel like I fall into many cognitive biases.

I am looking for a study peer/group to discuss strategy, exploitative adjustments and hand histories, as well as reviewing each otherís databases. It is encouraged that you play the same stakes or higher than me. Lets make each other poker dreams come true faster!

I prefer Discord as a way to communicate. Please reply with a little bit information about yourself and don't forget to leave a Discord name and tag!
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09-21-2022 , 03:25 PM
Hey, Hope you are doing well. I am Jandry I play mostly in PS NL25 regular tables over 45k hands I have a very solid winrate looking forward to move to NL50 very soon. I am interesting to talk about hands and each other strategies. I have very good theory base so we can improve together and expand our knowledge about the game. I usually study 3h per day and 2h of play ( Im trying to improve both) as I started to improve my routines and habits. I have one day off to recover. I dont usually use social medias or discord cauze Im very focus to improve my game and move up but if I fit in what you are looking for We can lock up a day or two with 1h to discuss about hands and which strategies do we implement in some boards and all stuff related. I would also like to hire some coaching together in the future so we can get better prices and also external point of views to continuously improve.

Have a nice day !

My discord: JandryC#0489
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09-21-2022 , 05:30 PM
Nice mate. I have sent the friend request in the Discord. Looking forward to talk with you.
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09-21-2022 , 06:02 PM
add me on 2+2 so I can send u a msg
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09-22-2022 , 12:13 PM
The messages do not work on my account for some reason. I guess it is too new. Perhaps we could contact through discord?
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09-24-2022 , 04:40 AM
Discord : PhenomN#8410

Hey Im playing 100nl on GG
I'm in coaching for profit with top reg
I would like have more work with someone else at least one time a weak
So let me know if you are interested
I'm in Australia so let's see if time can match up
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