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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

12-22-2012 , 04:05 PM
Decided to take a shot and SS nl100 (30bb). If anyone want to discuss strategy and review play, PM me.
12-23-2012 , 03:44 PM
240k winner here..
I usually win at rate of 5bb/100 .. prob at least around 8 bb/100 right now.
Looking for other decently big winners to talk strategy with.

Pm me here or and tell me about your stats .
I can prove mine via Pokertracker and
12-24-2012 , 09:42 AM
I'm looking for study group. Motivated to improve and contribute to the group.

PS - Mr.Bulby
Skype - bulbyxx

Contact me to get further details.
12-25-2012 , 08:59 AM
I'm a nl100 6max grinder transitioning to MTTs playing lowstakes atm. Want ppl to talk strategy or a group. Pm me
12-26-2012 , 07:55 AM

I am a two tabling 6m NLHE Zoom grinder currently at 10NL.
Volume is 50k hands/month and aiming to become a 200NL reg by the end of 2013.
Highly motivated and dedicated person looking for an established 50NL group to talk strategy with. Promise I'll be joining you at that limit within 3 months time.

PM for skype

12-27-2012 , 01:15 AM
at this time were only looking for players who play 50nl or higher 6max


I currently co-run a Skype study group for SH players looking to improve their game and increase their winrate. The group has been running for a while and as of 11/10/10 we have 35 members. The skill level varies and people are playing different limits. We have some struggling 5NL players but we also have winning 1000NL players.

If you join our group there are a few requirements:

Fill out our Google documents with basic information about you
Have a microphone
Take part in hand discussions
Take part in poker discussions
Take part in sweat sessions
Take part in recorded or review sessions
To not whine about bad beats / suckouts / downswings
To not make off topic conversations in our group
To respect other members and understand that some are not as experienced than you

In this group we prune members who are not active and we also remove any members who are abusive and do not try to help other members.

If you would like to be a part on this group please post in this thread using this form:

Skype Username:
Limits Played:
Hands Played Per Month:
Why you want to join our group:
12-27-2012 , 11:17 AM
Looking for MTT discussion group, currently play Micro tournaments and hitting near 10% ITM. Need help/advise in where to go next. Recent bad run and need to sort out my game before playing again.

Need advise on bank roll management, what software to use etc. Someone more experienced would be great, who could point me in the right direction and hopefully help each other improve

Skype: Pokermadness1

12-27-2012 , 05:25 PM
Always looking to improve and better my game while gaining new insights into different avenues of thinking.
Have been playing for a living since April 2009, have over 300k in mtt winnings playing everything from .10 rebuts to the wsop main event, and PLO cash from 05./.1 to as high as 15/50/100 deep and 100/200 cap. Live from 1/1 to 10/20 deep. Wsop, lapc, FTP and stars venetian dse's etc. Made e switch to full time lolive pro & playing for tiny money on merge in my free time. During my career, I also boast the feat of busting a 200k bankroll, NOT being staked, getting a (two) **** real job(s) to earn stake money to play with and after ~3months of min wage won my way back.
Never been coached (a pretty huge mistake IMO) and looking to change that as well as get more involved in some study groups to put more work in away from the tables, as well as give something back and to help those in the same spot(s) I was / am in.

Plz pm me.

*** I will be out of town for 10 days, 7 of which without Internet, but will be back daily after and will be at the bike / commerce daily through march with select trips to the V and wynn after.

Also looking to relocate / get some FTP and stars accounts set up ASAP. Have money. Need paperwork and know how lol. Cheers
12-31-2012 , 10:18 PM
Posted in here a while ago looking for others to chat with, but have changed direction since. I am solely concentrating on Limit Hold 'Em cash games at this time - therefore, I'd like to find other Limit players to chat with on a regular basis. Will be dabbling in both live and online, FR and 6m. Please PM me if you're a Limit player and want to talk about the game on a regular basis with an emphasis on constant improvement.
01-08-2013 , 04:30 AM
Looking for micro/small stakes 6 max cash discussion group. Im a SNG/MTT grinder trying to make the switch to 6 max cash. Ive played about 23K hands at 10NL 4 tabling with a small winrate of 1.95bb/100. looking for people to talk hands with, study, do anything to get better. i Play about 40hrs a week and study training videos, articles and what not 5+hrs a week. Im very dedicated and motivated to push forward.
01-09-2013 , 04:56 PM
Im looking for a study group.
Currently taking a shot at 25nl 6max B/e after 35k hands.

I would prefer a group with experienced players to discuss poker with.
01-14-2013 , 11:43 AM
Active winner 10nl-25nl 8bb/100 over 350k or so, part-time coach originally from US that moved out of country to grind etc. Looking for active winning ZOOM players/group as I just switched over and am working out nuances and strategy for the game. Part of a few NL groups from DC with mostly US based players but going to be focusing on 25nl zoom and then hopefully 50nl zoom shortly as I won't need to withdraw so much of my roll each month. Add me on skype at lkpearson12 if you are a zoomer or have a zoom/rush based group. Many thanks!
01-16-2013 , 09:07 AM
ex 50nl player used to play 40k a month. Looking to get back into it and join a study group and will be starting back at 20nl. Looking for micro/small stakes 6 max cash discussion group
01-20-2013 , 04:10 PM
Currently playing 6 max turbo sit n go's on pokerstars at the $7 level.

Looking for people with ambition to chat poker! PM me
01-20-2013 , 06:15 PM
Originally Posted by PeoplesElbow I want to start/be in a study group
at this time were only looking for players who play 50nl or higher 6max
Hi i'm interested in join the study group

Name: Ryan
Skype Username: zethfion
Age: 24
Limits Played: NL100
Winrate: 2.5 bb/100
Hands Played Per Month: 60k to 90k
Why you want to join our group: im working on my game very hard, and i think discussing strategy with other good players is a very good way to improve.

I'm playing poker for living ~3years
In the past 2 years, I mainly play 6max PLO100 and 200 on Stars
However, after the downswing at PLO400 last March (~23k)
I decide to switch back to play 6max NLH (lower variance)

I'm currently play NL100 on Stars
(mostly 6max, but also interested in improving my HU game)
Made a lot of effort on improving my game (watch a a lot of videos and books)
Im good at math, quiet familiar with game theory(my major subject in college is economic), and taking this game very seriously.

Hope can talk to you guys soon.
01-20-2013 , 06:26 PM
Hey guys,

Im a nl100 6max grinder on stars and working very hard on my game. Currently working with different coaches and improving every day. I play around 50-80k hands per month, looking for a study group with players playing around same stake as me. Planning to move up fast and hopefully can find a group who is as motivated as me.

01-23-2013 , 10:08 PM
Originally Posted by PeoplesElbow I want to start/be in a study group
at this time were only looking for players who play 50nl or higher 6max
Name: Perry
Skype Username: Rakushunlion
Limits Played: 50nl-100nl
Winrate: 5bb/100 @ 50nl
Hands Played Per Month:40k atm, work ethic has not been great lately, but I have resolved to increase my volume dramatically.
Why you want to join our group: I am trying to get to know more poker players and expand my thought processes in the game. I would like to discuss poker daily with others who are working on the same poker goals as I am. I want to begin taking my game more seriously.
01-26-2013 , 11:24 PM
Originally Posted by PeoplesElbow I want to start/be in a study group
at this time were only looking for players who play 50nl or higher 6max
Also interested in this group.

Name: Scott
Skype Username: ceph515
Age: 28
Limits Played: .5/1, 1/2
Winrate: .5/1 around 4bb/100, was beating merge 1/2 for 6 but sample size was kind of small
Hands Played Per Month: 100k+, might even attempt sne this year
Why you want to join our group: I just relocated from the States to focus on poker, I think it would be helpful to me and I could also be a solid contributor.
01-28-2013 , 08:37 PM
Hi, I play $30 turbo on stars (played 15 recently) and i'd like to be added to some Husng skype conference with guys from these stakes.

Thanks to the one, who moved the message to this topic

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01-30-2013 , 09:00 AM
Originally Posted by PeoplesElbow I want to start/be in a study group
at this time were only looking for players who play 50nl or higher 6max

Name: Adam
Skype Username: adasiekskype
Age: 21
Limits Played: NL50
Winrate: 9BB/100 in HU. Just started SH . 25bb/100 after 3k hands
Hands Played Per Month: 20-25k
Why you want to join our group: I want to improve my 6max game. I also need people to discuss with and learn from. Becouse of playing HU before I need some advices when I am learining this gam.
01-30-2013 , 12:38 PM
Looking for a Study group
I am currently playing at NL50. Looking for a group of people at NL50 or higher to study game together. My English is pretty good (CAE) so communicating wouldn't be a problem. By goal is to reach at least NL200 until 2013. Any info about me or any details on Skype (adasiekskype) ,PM here or mail (adampoplaw at I have 2 year NLHU backgrond so I will be able to help with this game also.
01-30-2013 , 02:12 PM
hey mike i am a low level player looking at taking my game to the next level started reading books analyzing my tournament hands step by step trying to get better i have a very good grasp for the basic position betting patterns and advanced betting patterns through some coaching but my coach is too busy now and i need to branch out find different views strategies etc.I would be available most nights let me know bud
01-30-2013 , 08:14 PM
Originally Posted by PeoplesElbow I want to start/be in a study group
at this time were only looking for players who play 50nl or higher 6max
Name: Adasiek
Skype Username: adasiekskype
Age: 21
Limits Played: NL50
Winrate: 23.60bb/100 after 4550 hands (previous 9bb/100 NLHU after bigger sample)
Hands Played Per Month: It is really hard to say right now
Why you want to join our group:
- I want to start playing SH instead of HU.
- I want to study game more that playing right now, so it will be good to have people to talk with.
- I think that studying group will be a good think for me to improve my game.
- I want to create profitable game to semi-multitable (not 24 but reasonable amout).
- Until 2013 I want to play NL200 at least a bit.
- During holidays I want to try play poker as a job and see my $/hour when hard focusing on poker.
- I like to study people so I can help with some stuff (HU background gives me some edge vs 6max players in some spots)
01-31-2013 , 07:42 AM
Interested if there are any skype groups that do a lot of analysis using cardrunners-ev? never used it before but want to learn and discuss hands like this with people.
01-31-2013 , 10:16 AM
I'm currently a member of a study group but activity is waning, looking to find or start a new group.

I currently play 200NL on stars and win at a decent rate. Ideally looking to join or start a group where members play 200NL or higher and discuss hands daily. If you're interested PM me