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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

11-19-2012 , 06:08 PM
Years of experience live and online but been away from the table for a while. Now back playing micro/low stakes MTTs on Tilt and looking for any resources to help blow away the cobwebs. Please add me on Skype if you're in a study group I could join. Un - rabsanchez

11-22-2012 , 02:49 PM
Same here, 2 yrs MTT, 8 months Hyper SNG's and 6 months cashgame... Looking to improve both MTT's and Hypers (at least do some ICM)
11-22-2012 , 03:21 PM
narfja I'm "rabsanchez" on Skype.
11-25-2012 , 01:54 AM
Hello I'm David and I'm looking for study group/partner for zoom.

Currently I'm playing NL25 SH Zoom

skype: Zunri112
11-25-2012 , 12:11 PM
Looking for or willing to create hyper turbo HU discussion group. Would like to join or create group of people profitably playing 15$ - 60$ games at PS or FTP.

PM if interested.
11-27-2012 , 10:49 AM
Hello 2+2 community

My name is Dennis, I'm from Germany, playing Poker for 4 years now and would like to form a study group with some flexible young Pokerfreaks around the world!
All you need is:
- A skype account
- Interests in MTT/STT/CG Poker
- Only some Poker knowledge
- A Poker Account on Stars or FTP
- Time and Energy for Diskussions and Handreviews

The more we are, the more we can learn together. It would be great to have as many Players as possible in our group so that we have always somebody online all day.

Next step:
1. Send me an Email on with following Informations:
- Screenname on different Pokerrooms
- Limit's currently playing or beating
- Interest in improving ur game (for example: Beating NL10= till march 2013)
- Skype Screenname so I can add u
- Ur Profile Page on Facebook (if u have got one)

2. I'll add u as soon as possible. I'm gonna create a Facebook group, where everybody can post a short Interview.

3. Start and enjoy the time!

So everybody who is interested now, send me an email

Greetings from Germany, Menacethe1st
11-30-2012 , 09:07 AM
at this time were only looking for players who play 50nl or higher 6max


I currently co-run a Skype study group for SH players looking to improve their game and increase their winrate. The group has been running for a while and as of 11/10/10 we have 35 members. The skill level varies and people are playing different limits. We have some struggling 5NL players but we also have winning 1000NL players.

If you join our group there are a few requirements:

Fill out our Google documents with basic information about you
Have a microphone
Take part in hand discussions
Take part in poker discussions
Take part in sweat sessions
Take part in recorded or review sessions
To not whine about bad beats / suckouts / downswings
To not make off topic conversations in our group
To respect other members and understand that some are not as experienced than you

In this group we prune members who are not active and we also remove any members who are abusive and do not try to help other members.

If you would like to be a part on this group please post in this thread using this form:

Skype Username:
Limits Played:
Hands Played Per Month:
Why you want to join our group:
12-02-2012 , 11:53 AM
Hello 2p2
I'm a mirco stakes grinders 5nl.
I want to join a study that we can do sweat sessions.
I'm fairly new to the poker scene.

Add me on Skype alexarce93
12-04-2012 , 08:32 PM
Hey im looking for good study group im playing 6max ZOOM 25nl , want to improve a lot.
12-07-2012 , 12:46 AM
I"m a 240k winner / 9 year pro/ and one of best in world even though dont have 72k i'm owed to prove it and make millions this second.

Looking to coach somebody who wants to be my "poker manager" and do things for me.
Mike78wmdayton on skype..

or Posttown29 on yahoo messenger.

Also looking to start a "big winners study group on skype.. have to at least won 100k to bein group.. p me or get ahold of me on skype or yaho messenger

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12-08-2012 , 06:45 PM
Looking for study group, winning 50nl player.

12-09-2012 , 01:49 PM
Looking for HU Cash group. I play 25-50NL. Skype - StabbyMcKillYou
12-09-2012 , 03:07 PM
Looking for group study for NLHU at 10nl and 25nl.

I am a winning player but still have a lot to improve and determined to crush and move up. Feel free to PM me.
12-09-2012 , 04:16 PM
looking for hyper or fifty50 study group pm with skype info
12-09-2012 , 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by StabbyMcKillYou I want to start/be in a study group
Looking for HU Cash group. I play 25-50NL. Skype - StabbyMcKillYou
Originally Posted by _Z_O_O_M_ I want to start/be in a study group
Looking for group study for NLHU at 10nl and 25nl.

I am a winning player but still have a lot to improve and determined to crush and move up. Feel free to PM me.
Its a marriage made in heaven! Match maker match maker make me a match, etc
12-12-2012 , 09:57 AM

I'm playing microstakes (ZOOM) and from Germany. I would like to join a suitable studygroup (or found one if some guys would like to take part). Feel free to contact me(skype): hulkhomer
12-12-2012 , 10:33 PM
Hey guys, looking for some new poker buddies. Skype me, WaylonBratz. I play low- mid stakes MTT's on merge right now.
12-13-2012 , 12:57 PM
Hi guys

i'm looking for decent 6max hypers study group. Info about me can be found in my thread
12-14-2012 , 12:38 PM
I would like to start a HU study group, don't mind if its abit social but the last group I was apart of was too lax and kinda sucked so I would like to avoid that. Message me if your interested, I would like 6 active people to start it and work from there, prob no more than 20 tho.

-Thanks !
12-15-2012 , 06:19 PM
Serious NLHE players going for SNE in 2013 or currently living in Puerto Vallarta.
12-16-2012 , 10:42 PM
Hi. I'm looking for someone who play FL 6-max and want to improve.
I'm playing .25/.5 on Stars and want to step up to .5/1 soon.
Currently reading "Advanced Limit Hold'em Strategy" and "Winning in Tough Hold 'em Games" and watching low stakes videos from DC.
Mail me on: if your interested.
12-17-2012 , 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by PeoplesElbow I want to start/be in a study group
at this time were only looking for players who play 50nl or higher 6max
Name: Fernando
Skype Username: Klever_187
Limits Played:50NL
Hands Played Per Month:45-90K
Why you want to join our group:Would like some critiquing of my thought process/game it would help me/them tons. Or, as Iron sharpens Iron, a great player sharpens another.

let me know
12-18-2012 , 02:51 PM
Looking for HU hyper turbo/HU cash players to talk with and gradually both learn. Have lots of HUSNG / DeucesCr / etc. vids to discuss. I'm currently a winning player at NL50, havent ever made a real move to NL100.
Want to review my own game/possibly help others. Im especially lookings for Hyper HU players, hu cash is not a restriction.

My skype is Rotjekn010r.
12-18-2012 , 07:27 PM
looking to chat about PLO8 MTT's
12-20-2012 , 09:18 PM
Looking to join a study group, playing 100/200nl 6 max. Been part of a group that has gone quite recently with people moving onto other things PM me if anyone has a group with a free spot.