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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

09-16-2010 , 08:28 AM
i'm playing 11$ 6max turbo sngs ...i have a small ROI but im looking to improve and to raise the stake ...looking to join a group or to find someone to discuss hands or situations.PM if interested
09-16-2010 , 08:15 PM
I am Winning 25NL 6 max player on PS (mainly) and Absolute. I am a college student and have tons of time to study and improve. Looking for an individual(s) who is serious about improving. I am available anytime after 3:30 (Central Time) PM on the weekdays and all day on Saturday. Looking to do sweat sessions and/or study sessions and talk on Skype. Please contact or PM if this description fits you.

Skype: kokobeastkaz24
09-17-2010 , 03:46 AM
Looking for people to discuss HU cash with.
I am playing nl50-nl100 right now but play higher at 6max.
PM me.
09-20-2010 , 12:50 PM
looking for a study group, i play 6max nl200
msg me or add me in skype addy : pokermason
09-20-2010 , 07:18 PM
me too looking for a study group.

Nl100 6max

09-21-2010 , 11:55 AM
looking for some people to just talk poker with and discuss hands, etc. i play 100nlhe 6max

pm me if interested
09-21-2010 , 07:55 PM
I've just recently come back to poker after a fairly long (2-3yr) time away from the game. I'm looking for a micro/small stakes MTT / SNG study group.

PM or email Thanks!
09-22-2010 , 05:26 PM
I play nl50-nl100 looking for a study group. Full time poker player.
Looking for people that give 100% and hard works.
09-22-2010 , 07:33 PM
I'm looking for people who are preferably beating 50NL+ to play and learn HUPLO at micro stakes (1c/2c or 5c/10c) on iPoker. I want to do videos and then breakdown leaks after.
09-24-2010 , 02:52 PM

i'm currently crushing the games at nl50 hu and looking for som more players at about the same level to share hands with and discuss views of poker.
09-24-2010 , 07:52 PM
whats everyone's oppinion on watching videos for limits higher than what you play.

especially for micro players, is watching brian townsend play 600NL more/less/about the same useful as verneer play 10nl?

how many micro/small stakes player have feel like they've learned more from a good instructor regardless of the limits they play?
09-24-2010 , 09:44 PM
I'm looking for a buddy or a study group which plays 2nl, either 6-max or full ring cash games. I'm 20 years old, a university student who's quite new to online cash games. I'm really trying to improve my play, studying my game and reading books etc. I'm 20 and from the UK

It'd be great to be able to discuss strategy, maybe sweat sessions etc or discussions over MSN. PM me if anybody fancies something like this. I'm not an expert player and anyone interested should probably be relatively new to online play obviously but I think it could be helpful to bounce advice and ideas off of each other

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09-25-2010 , 11:04 AM
Looking for people who play $2 to $10 PLO 6 max for study. I also play 5NL 6max so if you play that too that's a bonus. I'm in the UK. Feel free to PM.

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09-27-2010 , 11:32 AM
looking to join a nl10rush study group. please pm me. i am online throughout the day. ty.
09-27-2010 , 02:40 PM
I play 10nl FR and possibly trying 4 tabling 6max again in the near future. Looking for some people at this limit to study and sweat with and hopefully move up to 25nl. I play on Stars.
09-27-2010 , 03:17 PM
Hey guys are there any micro stakes cash or micro-low stakes SNG chat groups?
I`ll be waiting for your PM`s
09-28-2010 , 04:35 AM
playing 12$ SNGs on fulltilt...

looking for someone to chat with about SNGs...

skype or PM me...

skype: mizerja57
09-28-2010 , 05:41 AM
Looking for Micro $3.25 45 Man Study Group

Also looking for a 10NL - FR study group
09-28-2010 , 01:53 PM
looking for a microstakes group.
i play mainly live (a few years), but have started playing online and started at the bottom. so far i have 6500 hands at 2NL (6max).
09-28-2010 , 03:59 PM
50nl cash just getting into 1/2 and 2/5 live.
im looking for an active study group with people who will post and respond to hands daily.

mostly on msn but use skype and stuff as well. some regular or scheduled sweat sessions with people at the same level i think would also be very useful for me.

edit: my msn is difficult lemon difficult at gmail dot com (no spaces and at/dot in the right places)
09-28-2010 , 04:04 PM
Looking for cap/shallow players to study with and improve.

Pm me.
09-28-2010 , 04:43 PM
I play nl50 on ftp as Kenthba 6max, I'm looking for active players who have the time to talk strategy, go over hh review, and are willing to exchange sweat sessions. If you are interested pm.

09-28-2010 , 08:00 PM
Im playing Nl50 6max . now on 40k hands im down for 400$ but EV shoves +300 so im think im near the breakeven player. think have much leaks, but know somthing too. so im wondering if anybody want to discuess the hands, theory . would be great if some NL25 - grinders wanted to take me in some group, or we can made up some group.

please pm.
09-28-2010 , 10:28 PM
Looking for

-Micro - Small stakes HUsng group. I'm a pretty breakeven $11s player looking to bring my level up and hopefully beat the $30s and $50s

-Micro stakes rush group (25nl and below). Looking to learn rush, discuss some theory and exchange ideas.

PM me for skype.
09-29-2010 , 06:41 PM
looking for someone or a small group of people to help each other improve our games. I play ss nlhe s&g's. Just need someone to bounce questions off and improve my game with. email me at coreyo at gmail dot com . Don't have PM's yet.