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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

08-27-2010 , 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by scoom I want to start/be in a study group
ill be interested in this if you want, i'm playing at the moment 25nl FR, was at 50nl some time ago, due to a slight swing i moved down, But i should be up again shortly.

Couldnt PM you so replied here.
I could probably get in on this too. Frankly, I have an iPhone and random down time throughout the day. I ran from mega-micro (5$ bankroll? Lol) to 100nl in the past year, and have been doing more work on my game than actual play. So I could probably offer a lot of help. Definitely looking to network more. If u guys are USA, I have unlimited texts too. Pm me.

Actually: edit--- anyone pm me. Lol. I really want to branch out my networking. If u seriously want to talk strat, just shoot me a pm.

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08-27-2010 , 08:54 PM
I have won over 100k.. looking for other pro's to talk strategy with.. pm me with ur stats on Pokertableratings.

i'm Worldpx1 on tilt.. acesinurfac1 on stars

also mike78wmdayton on yahoo.. just add me .. and we can chat some.

Winning like 5 bb per 100 on my stats on tilt.. but game is alot better now i think than use to be..

I do play as my sole source of income.

I"m also looking start a group to talk about using Pokertracker stats and getting great at using software there..

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08-28-2010 , 10:17 AM
Hey all,
I'm looking to work on my HU NLHE and HU PLO game.
I've been working a lot on theory with HUnl, but am incredibly new to PLO.
If anyone would be interested in battling 1$ HU deep-stacked SNGs (I believe they start around 100bb?) back and forth through PLO and NLHE, and discuss the match and theory, pm me. Or for play money so we could play cash, though I'd have to get some.

I'm extremely serious about the growth of my game, but my bankroll is in transit atm. I'm spreading it across several different B-rated sites to bonus whore for a month before setting up shop on PS.

Would prefer someone with a firm understanding of PLO, as we could swap.
I listen to at least 4 hours of Duece-Plays podcasts a day, been reading 2+2 forever, and have a large HU SnG volume at 9% ROI. However, looking to learn HU Cash.

On Carbon two years ago, I was a 10bb/100 HU Cash player. But my FTP lifetime is down about 10BI at 50NL...though I'm 10bi down from my AI expected b/e? lol

MY FR game is pretty strong. I have a 500k sample of RUSH. The first 100k was a b/e adjusting period, but from there I'm a pretty solid 3bb/100 winner playing max tables.

I would prefer getting PMs from everyone interested from any stakes. Quality can come after quantity. Really hoping for a lot of PMs.
08-30-2010 , 03:38 AM
I'm looking to exchange AIMs with other people who play short handed NLHE. Should be moving around $0.10/hand so we can learn from each other (so 1.25+ PTBBish at NL$400 or 2.5+PTBBish at NL$200), over decently large samples.

I've played 1/2 and 2/4 this year but most of my lifetime hands are 1/2, looking to move back up to 2/4 this week (moved down to play some rush) and want to discuss spots.

PM me.
09-01-2010 , 03:43 PM
Looking for other pro poker players to study advanced strategy with.

I have won over 100k..

so people around my level playing nl 200 and higher.. and beating these levels.

Worldpx1 is name on tilt

mike78wmdayton on yahoo messenger

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09-01-2010 , 05:33 PM
I am looking for someone to talk 6max PLO (small stakes). Send me a PM, please.
09-01-2010 , 06:36 PM
I am looking for some people who would like to discuss 6max NL. I play 10NL but anyone from 2NL to 50NL would probably fit the mold. PM me with your Skype info if you are interested.
09-02-2010 , 05:47 PM
Same as above post. PM me with Skype info if you're interested in talking general poker or poker strategy. I play 6max 10NL. 2-25NL 6max players preferably. But I mean, I'll chat with whoever :P
09-03-2010 , 11:50 AM
Originally Posted by Flopsthenut I want to start/be in a study group
I'm right now playing nl100 HU and looking for a coach or a study group. I just moved down from nl200 after a downswing + cashout. Goal is to be a winning nl600-1k player in the near future. PM me if interested.
Send me a PM if you're still looking, you can't receive any.
09-04-2010 , 12:58 AM
Originally Posted by Deppir I want to start/be in a study group
Looking for microstakes players (or higher if you wanna teach us :P) to join a poker group on AIM. We have about 3 active members and we're looking for a few more to help us learn and move up. We're usually on AIM the majority of the day. We don't always talk poker, we are usually hanging out and cruising.

We cover 10nl-25nl FR and SH...PM me if interested.

We're looking to move up to 50nl+ and would definitely be happy with more active members.
Bump, Update:

We got a few more is looking good so far. PM me your AIM or any questions
09-05-2010 , 05:23 PM
I play micro stakes sng/mtt mainly on full tilt and pokerstars I do however occasionally play on euro sites, my skype is skadooshh. I am a very amateur at the moment so probably not a good option for big winning players
09-05-2010 , 05:38 PM
Hey guys, I'm a super turbo sng grinder who's looking for other super turbo grinders to chat/discuss hands and even do some hand reviews, if there's enough interest i'll make a small study group that'll meet up weekly.

PM me for my AIM/Skype.
09-06-2010 , 04:48 PM
I'm a micro/low cash n tourney NLHE player. Been playing for a few years now and have read lots of theory but still manage to suck ass. Looking to join a group who chat reasonably regularly and get an objective viewpoint as well as share some of the things I've learned. PM me.

Oh yeah I'm based in Scotland too if anyone wants to talk about live local games.
09-06-2010 , 10:55 PM
Starting a Study Group for Live Cash Game Players looking to develop there game for the higher levels 5-10NL and above.
Even Better if you live Philly-Atlantic City Area ... for live meetups.

PM me if you're interested.

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09-08-2010 , 11:58 AM
Anyone RUSH FR study groups? Or does anyone want to start one?
09-08-2010 , 12:52 PM
anyone play plo8?
09-09-2010 , 12:45 AM
This thread looks a bit overwhelmed so I'll just put my info out...PM if interested.

I play MTTs and MTSNGs currently (stillalive68 on Stars/FTP). I'd like to learn a cash game and would exchange coaching for coaching, or work with your study group for a fee.

09-09-2010 , 04:31 PM
Looking for a Micro/Small Stakes NLHU study group. Pm me if you have a spot available.
09-09-2010 , 10:47 PM
Looking for 1 or 2 players max to talk poker with to help each others game's.

Would prefer people playing atleast NL200 6m/hu with v.good winrates like myself.

Just looking for someone good to talk to when bored, solve hands, theory talks and stuff...

I've play upto NL400 6m and just starting playing a little HU with good success at SSNL.

Also looking to learn PLO v.soon.

I play on euro sites.
09-10-2010 , 04:46 AM
Looking for 2 or 3 players max to talk poker with to help each others game's.

I'm playing NL 6m. I'm stuck on NL50. NL100 attacked several times, always losing. Faster or slower.
Now I am very motivated to develop.

If you are interested PM.
09-10-2010 , 10:06 AM
I'd like to have some more Skype contacts with SSFR people to bounce HHs and ideas with. I'm quite creative and keen to find ways to win pots so I love getting in depth over an interesting spot. Anyone playing 100nl+ regularly on any site would be great.

Game: NLHE
Format: FR
Stakes: 100NL, 200nl
Network: Full Tilt
Prefered Contact Method: PM for Skype
09-14-2010 , 04:46 PM
I would join a group but I am currently playing NL2 since I started with 10$ on PS and FTP and made it up to 70$ on FTP and 50$ on PS.

If someone wants to talk and discuss hands on micro limits PM me. I would also like to join a study group so PM me if you have a spot

09-15-2010 , 12:26 PM
I play 10 - 25 nlh. I want someone to review hhs with, make sweat sessions and discuss poker. pm me please who is interested .
09-15-2010 , 04:24 PM
I'm a winning player at NL micro/small HUSNG with over 1 year of experience

I'm looking for a winning single player or study group specialized only in NL HUSNG and interested in hhs reviewing, leak finding and resource sharing (mainly during the weekends...)

PM me only if serious and interested
09-15-2010 , 11:13 PM
looking to join a microstakes 6max study group. pm or email with details.