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I want to start/be in a study group I want to start/be in a study group

04-23-2009 , 02:55 PM
Looking to form a study group or circle of friends for people whoa re serious about bringing their games to the next step and using poker as a serious source of income. I am looking for players that are winner or break even players at worst.

As a caveat, I am not an expert, just a bit better than break even myself currently, but I feel my game is really coming around from all the studying I've done. I'm looking for other people either above this or on a similar level to form a group in NYC.

Let me know if you are interested by PM, I already have a few people interested. Please tell me about your game, what your goals are, what site you play at, your opr ranking and anything else about you that might apply. Thanks,

Looking forward to taking the next step together.

P.S. No money will be involved for this.

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05-05-2009 , 12:26 AM
Ive been playing for about 7 years. I have a full time job but I'd describe myself as a weekend warrior. I play a private club 1-2 game in the city and make regular trips to the borgata to play 2-5.
PM me we can chat.
05-05-2009 , 04:18 PM
Hey what's up, I would be interested. I live in Brooklyn Heights, currently playing 25-50NL, slightly better than BE.
05-06-2009 , 07:41 PM
i got a reply about this but i wanted to know others got it too. with 22 post i wasnt sure this was legit honestly.

I'm in brooklyn as well, and Id be very interested in this.
05-10-2009 , 12:25 PM
did this go anywhere?
05-11-2009 , 10:26 PM
Hey guys i just inherited a ton of time, so if anyone is interested id be down. Lets set something up.
11-20-2009 , 12:09 PM
As of now, there are constantly new "I want to start a study group!" type threads popping up in Coaching Advice. I feel a more effective way of organizing it so that people are able to find those who might be interested in this sort of thing is to keep it to a single thread. Doing this, like keeping the "I want to be coached!" threads to a single thread, also lessens clutter and makes it so that people are more easily able to find the topics they are interested in.

So from now on, all new study group threads are getting merged here.

Personally, if you want to start a study group, the first thing I would be doing (if you haven't already) is just going to the strategy forums here and start by posting some hands. The HUNL forum is by far the best "study group" I've had. Incidentally, those forums are also where your request for a smaller subgroup of people to discuss things is more likely to find takers. I suspect that posting in an existing low-content/junk thread in those forums that you're interested in forming a group will prove to be more successful regardless.

Still, study group discussion is certainly welcome in this forum as well. Feel free to post what you're interested in. Leave a country/city etc if you're interested in studying live in the Toronto area or a specific game if you're looking for a partner to brush up on Stud8 with. I recommend searching this thread to find people who have posted with similar interests.

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12-01-2009 , 04:28 PM
Hi all,

I begin this thread because i would like to start a study group for the limits mentioned. Skype/Team viewer will be used for our meetings, and the methodology will cover

*Hand histories discussion. Each member will bring 5 to 10 hh to discuss. No coolers allowed

*Holdem manager database review. On each meeting one member will be picked up and the others will make a database review for different spots, like playing from the blinds, 3 bet pots, etc, this also includes a stat review.

*Theory discussion. A topic will be chosen for every meeting, in order to be discussed between the team members

*Sweating sess. sub groups of two to make a sweat between each other.

I have Tendo from the forum interested already. Anyone interested plz PM or him.

12-01-2009 , 04:31 PM
Yep, I'm in.
12-02-2009 , 06:27 AM
FWIW I'm a 100NL FR player playing 4-6 tables @~10bb/100 (rakeback included) for 37k hands so far. Grinded my way up from micro's.

80kilos is 16tabling 100NL FR @ 1,5bb/100 (rakeback not included) for + 500k hands and has taken up a personal coach for improvement.

Come on people.
12-02-2009 , 08:35 PM
Hey there,

I am new to the poker world but I want to join the study group. Does it matter that I will be playing lower stakes than you? I did not see the deffinition of the limits the group will be limited to.
12-03-2009 , 01:22 AM
Hey i'm starting a poker study group for advanced players.

if interested write me back on here.. private message me.

i'm a pro.. been doing this four years..

12-04-2009 , 01:14 AM
I'd be interested in joining this too. Although I also play at lower stakes.
12-04-2009 , 01:28 AM
I've been in a couple study groups. They certainly help as long as you have the right people who are serious about improving. I like partaking in the groups. Send me a PM.
12-04-2009 , 06:08 PM
if there are people who play micro stakes nl10 to nl50 and want to join a study group, please send me a pm
12-04-2009 , 07:34 PM
Looking for groups of dedicated 25NL+ players.
12-04-2009 , 09:02 PM
Looking for study group nl200+ preference.
12-04-2009 , 09:09 PM
I would like to be in the group but cannot send pm's. I am a serious player please email me at if I can join.
12-05-2009 , 12:11 AM
Looking for a group of 6 to learn and study the foundations & fundamentals HU NL Cash and/or SNGs with starting at 50NL Cash or the $6.50-$11.50 SNG levels.

-HHs reviews via replayer

-Video reviews

-Overall Strategy discussion

Pm me if interested

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12-05-2009 , 12:13 AM
25-50nl hit me up
12-05-2009 , 01:26 AM
Originally Posted by PlayOnDrugs I want to start/be in a study group
Looking for study group nl200+ preference.
I may be interested in this as well
12-05-2009 , 01:55 AM
We have a group with players from various stakes. Some more serious than others but everyone is welcome for general poker discussion

Just add to your Yahoo or MSN buddy lists.
12-05-2009 , 09:40 AM
@ privatechoach I am interested in your coaching, do not have PM yet, but hopefully I am first one to respond. Do you have skype so we can get in touch? Do you use different mesenger service?
12-05-2009 , 01:58 PM
I would also like the free coaching email me at to set it up. thanks alot
12-05-2009 , 08:45 PM
Hey, privatecoach I would like to participate in getting coached by you, if you want. I'm a 10nl player, but had played at 25nl for about 50k hands and got up to about $840.00 then tilted and now I am back down again to 10nl games. I think I do have weakness on Hand Reading, and value betting and knowing what lines to take like bet check, and what to do when I get called on cbet's where I do not have TP, like K58 flops, or A49 flops. I think I have played about 100k hands, although I do not have database for about 50k hands or half from previous sites anymore because of system failure. I've been coached by several coaches, but can not afford paying for sessions bc of my Bankroll, as it also contributed to me losing money. My skype is njshak3zula, but feel free to email me at