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[sippin_criss] [/hr] SNG & MTT coaching [sippin_criss] [/hr] SNG & MTT coaching

01-13-2022 , 09:55 PM
Hey there guys. I am a long time low-mid stakes SNG grinder. I spent 4-5~ years grinding spins following their release. I don't have any of my old spins databases but in Stars $30s I won 50~ chips/game over a zillion games, and slightly more than that over thousands of games in the $50s on FTP.

In 2019-2020 I added a small sample of MTT's as well as some success over an even much smaller sample in a handful of larger live events. (34,340th in the all time money list on Hendon Mob, no big deal). I do not claim to be any kind of MTT expert, so buyer beware, but for this price point and my experience with SNG's I am good value.

In 2021 I transitioned to playing cash games. I am currently grinding 500NL and coaching for a stable. With my agreement in that stable, I am unable to coach cash games for players outside of the stable.

Since joining the stable last year I have learned some incredible data based exploits vs fish and regs. While the strategies are based on 100bb cash games the broad concepts can be applied to any poker game across the board.

If you'd like to see any recent graphs shoot me a message and I am happy to share.

How do you structure the coaching?

This is up to you. I believe it's important to be honest with yourself and tackle the spots that give you the most grief and discomfort. I am happy to help you fix your leaks in trouble spots and provide a plan for improvement going further. We all suffer from leaks we are not aware of which is why I think recording yourself playing and talking through your thought process is helpful for a session or two.

For those folks who want to go longer term, following the more general sessions I would like students to be diligently marking challenging hands and keep a tally of which trouble areas are happening most often. Flop defense out of position as the caller in a 3 bet pot, for example. As a trouble area begins to out-tally the rest I would like to dig deep and turn it into an area of confidence.

Cheers guys
01-14-2022 , 12:00 AM
Non hypers on Stars (most of these are incredibly old fwiw):

These are mostly 9 man SNG's with some 6 man SNG's and 6 man hypers on an undisclosed site from 2018-present.

Tiny sample of MTTs from late 2019-early 2020

Cash results on Bodog from May-present (100-500NL)

01-14-2022 , 05:35 AM
I want to chime in just to add that OP is an awesome human being, always helping people out. This trait is crucial if you want a coach that is genuinely interested in improving you.
I don't comment on the results because graph speak themselves, but OP was a legend in the past and he still is today
01-14-2022 , 03:55 PM
Hi, what's your win-rate in 500NL? Can Euros play bogdo? Is the cash blue line showdown and red non-showdown? Quite a bluffy style if so then? cheer

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01-14-2022 , 10:05 PM
Originally Posted by Top Pig [sippin_criss] [/hr] SNG & MTT coaching
Hi, what's your win-rate in 500NL? Can Euros play bogdo? Is the cash blue line showdown and red non-showdown? Quite a bluffy style if so then? cheer
Correct on all fronts, except Euros can't play Bodog. WR is a shade over 4 in ev and real dollars over 45k hands so far. Nothing spectacular but I expect it to trend towards the 5-8 zone and be shotting 1k in the spring.