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Msc. Sports & Performance Psychologist/Mindset coach Msc. Sports & Performance Psychologist/Mindset coach

02-12-2024 , 08:54 AM
My name is Lex Ligtenberg MSc. Sports and performance psychologist and Iím a mindset coach for poker players.
It is my passion to help poker players build mental toughness so they can perform at their edge.

During my masters in Sports and Performance Psychology in Amsterdam I figured out winning poker players are like elite athletes if they take their career seriously.
Because winning poker players do not only study their poker game, but need to train their mental game as well if they want to deal with the stress, bad runs and emotional rollercoasters that come free of charge when you sign up for this career.
I offer 1-on-1 mindset coaching so that you, as an ambitious poker player, can get the maximum out of your poker career.

Just like learning your ranges in different scenarios, mental skills like goal setting, visualization, self talk, discipline and focus can be learned through hard work and practice.
One of the main struggles professional poker players deal with is keeping confidence when results are not coming in.
Through our 1-on-1 mindset coaching sessions Iíll teach you how to keep your self worth, handle fear and build your confidence independent of results.
We will build a road map towards your poker dream with day to day task focused goals so your ambition is translated into actions!

Pricing starts at $98 or Ä91,50 per hour

You can find me on
Whatsapp: +31625547385
Discord: mindmyride
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