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[Aesah] [0/hr] Live NLHE/PLO, online PLO500 [Aesah] [0/hr] Live NLHE/PLO, online PLO500

08-09-2021 , 08:58 PM
Hi I'm Aesah, I have played poker professionally for ~8 years with the majority of my volume at midstakes live games all over the USA. I am an avid competitive video gamer and prefer to approach poker from an intuitive angle as I would for other games. I have a very long thread here on 2+2 filled with hand histories throughout to get a preview of my approach to poker, and also some words from former students here: StGilmore, Bugsy, B, machi5, LotGrinder, Gordon806, RAGENUT.

These days I mostly play the 5/5 $1k cap at Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles. I also play online on Global and Ignition. Below are my 2021 Ignition results with the majority of the volume at PLO500. Global is untracked by their policy but my bb/100 winrate is comparable to Ignition over ~100k hands (yes, it is a sun run):

My preferred style of coaching is for the student to bring 4 or more hand histories to the first session and we will discuss them. This helps me identify the student's approach to poker and from there I can decide which aspect of poker they can focus on for the improvement.

PM me on 2+2 to schedule a session, or feel free to post here with any questions, comments, or suggestions that you think others might have!

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08-11-2021 , 01:18 AM
Just wanted to stop by and leave a few thoughts for anyone looking for a poker coach.

I just had a follow up session with Aesah today, and could not be happier with both my results as well as how coaching has improved my overall game. I have been working with Aesah for 2 months now, and I've seen huge improvements in my thought processes on and off the table.

I turned to Aesah for his PLO coaching, and via our first session reviewing my hand histories, Aesah pointed out a number of glaring issues that I had never even considered. This to me was invaluable, and made coaching way more worthwhile than the few training sites that I've signed up for. There is a lot of value here for anyone looking to understand the game on a higher level, and this is a great way to work with someone who is extremely talented at poker.
08-30-2021 , 01:10 AM
Had my first coaching session with Aesah yesterday and will happily do more in the future.

He helped me fine tune some strategies and plug some leaks, and explained a couple baseline theory issues I needed to implement better.

Does all the stuff a good coach should:

- listens well
- meets you where you're at
- doesn't care about who is "right" and is always open to seeing things in a different way if it makes sense

Overall he's just a very good dude who is generous with his time and genuinely wants to help others reach their poker goals.

He's clearly put the time in over the years to get his skill level where it needs to be and is crushing 500PLO on Ignition for a large winrate, so if you're wanting to learn how to beat low to midstakes PLO I'd highly recommend booking a session with him.
09-14-2021 , 06:32 PM
Really appreciate the kind words, especially

Originally Posted by etm. [Aesah] [0/hr] Live NLHE/PLO, online PLO500
Overall he's just a very good dude who is generous with his time and genuinely wants to help others reach their poker goals.
which I sometimes lose sight of myself!
09-21-2021 , 07:28 AM
I don't really even have and histories to go over. I am a beginner and was wondering if you would consider teaching me the basics of the game such as how to do the basic poker math and when to call, raise, or fold? I understand that there are books out there that teach this but I figured it would be less time consuming to get this kind of information directly from another live person rather than a book. Please let me know if you are open to teaching beginners.
09-21-2021 , 02:23 PM
^ hello, I'm open to coaching students of any level, message me on Discord at #Aesa0863
09-23-2021 , 05:23 PM
^ Oops, I accidentally declined it. I'm in a lot of competitive video gaming discords and get some spam. Getting the 5 post minimum to message me on 2+2 is best.
10-18-2021 , 05:36 AM
Hello Aesah, are you gto focused in your coaching? May be we could talk in private, could you message me here?? thanks, you might be my futur coach
10-18-2021 , 09:28 PM
When discussing a hand, I'm generally focused on what the most +$EV play in a vacuum. This takes into account both what the GTO line is as well as reads/population tendencies on how we expect our opponents to react
12-02-2021 , 11:40 PM
how can i contact you? looking for a coach for a group of people
12-04-2021 , 03:43 AM
DM on 2+2 is the best way. Otherwise my Discord is posted above would be the next best way.