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What is the Greatest WSOP Achievement of All-Time? What is the Greatest WSOP Achievement of All-Time?
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What is the Greatest WSOP Achievement of All-Time?
View Poll Results: What is the Greatest WSOP Achievement of All-Time?
Johnny Moss Main Event Champ 1970, 71 and 74
1 0.68%
Doyle Brunson back to back ME Champ 76, 77, 3rd in 83
0 0%
Stu Ungar ME champ 80, 81, and 1997
10 6.76%
Johnny Chan back to back ME champ 1987 and 88, second place 89
25 16.89%
Dan Harrington 1995 ME champ, 3rd and 4th in 2003 and 2004
10 6.76%
Phil Hellmuth 16 bracelets
64 43.24%
Maurice Hawkins 14 rings Circuit
1 0.68%
Adam Friedman 3-peat Dealer's Choice titles
17 11.49%
Mizrachi 3 non-consecutive 50k buy-in wins
14 9.46%
Jeff Lisandro 3 gold bracelets in one year
6 4.05%

10-25-2021 , 02:26 PM
Tiffany Michelle eating fries and handling cards with the same hand.
10-25-2021 , 03:09 PM

Hawkins... not too shabby
10-25-2021 , 03:32 PM
Originally Posted by MikeyBu What is the Greatest WSOP Achievement of All-Time?
Johnny Chanís 87/88/89 by far
Fields were too small.
10-25-2021 , 05:02 PM
Originally Posted by BrickMMA What is the Greatest WSOP Achievement of All-Time?
Fields were too small.

It's still an amazing achievement to win twice and get runner up. 1 in 2.25million likely if we take out skill. And it's in the main event, the WSOP event that matters the most by far.
10-25-2021 , 09:55 PM
Great thread with some good comments.

In golf there's Jack leading the way with 18 majors .. and 19 2nds, which are included in 56 top 5s. This is the 'easiest' comparison that can be used for PHell to align himself with to claim a GOAT type of title. We can say that the other alphabet soup tours are 'different', just like in golf. And even if you look at post 2003 PHell is still there leading the way in titles/bracelets.

However .. just as in golf, we view titles differently than majors. The 50K and the Dealer's Choice along with the ME have to be included as 'major' poker titles so I give them a lot of weight in the 'feat' department.

I've considered the 50k as the standard but I'm also receiving the DC into the same consideration as well.

I'm not so sure that we pooh pooh the Circuit Rings so easily. These are amateur fields of unpredictability .. and they are 'recent'. If you look at PHell's 'recent' bracelets they are not against the NL amateur fields where he supposedly was cutting his hay early in his career. Take a look at his ME results since 2003 .. not so good from a historical aspect.

This thread is keying in on achievement(s). I think the basketball world looks more kindly at the Lakers 3-peat than the Celtics previous dominance, noting post Bird/Magic as a threshold of 'modern' basketball. If you look at the Moneymaker Effect as a threshold of modern poker, then you certainly have to give lots of chops to a 3-peat in the DC. You can say that The Grinder in the 50K is a lot like the Spurs run, but then give Adam an edge for the 'in a row'.

It's a great discussion, but I lean towards anything post 2003 carrying more weight but certainly offering great respect to each line item on the list. GL
10-25-2021 , 10:08 PM
Originally Posted by Reggie Steer What is the Greatest WSOP Achievement of All-Time?
Either in 1992 or 93, Hellmuth and Ted Forrest won 3 bracelets a piece while Humberto Brenes won 2. None did it in consecutive days.

I decided that Lisandro's 3 bracelets over a decade later was more important because it was against bigger fields.

The polls topped out at 10 choices.

Cada, Newhouse, Lamb, Merson and McKeehan had to be left out. Mansour Matloubi won the ME in 1990 and made the final 5 in 1993. Hamid Dastmalchi won in 1992 and finished top 6 in 1995. Cloutier and Tuna Lund have had multiple final table finishes in the Main Event. Had to be left out from the poll.
to show how soft the games were back then look at Brenes's hendon mob. He has a 200k cash in some 100k even stars put him into, but despite playing a ton of tournements he hasn't had any deep runs in anything since 2007 and pretty much all 4 figure and low 5 figure cashes since then.

For as much of a dbag as i think Helmuth is,and as bad as he is at cash he's a wizard in non high roller tournements.

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