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WCGRider, Dong Kim, Jason Les and Bjorn Li to play against a new HU bot WCGRider, Dong Kim, Jason Les and Bjorn Li to play against a new HU bot

04-20-2015 , 01:58 PM
Man vs. Machine: Four Poker Pros Scheduled to Play Heads-Up against Computer Program 'Claudico'

Two-Week Long Human vs. AI Game to be Lived-Streamed at 'Poker Night in America' Website and Broadcast Later on CBS Sports Network.

Source: Nolan Dalla.
04-20-2015 , 02:10 PM
$100 on Claudico.
04-20-2015 , 02:12 PM
So who's the favorite here?
04-20-2015 , 02:31 PM
im guessing this is no limit? should be interesting
04-20-2015 , 02:33 PM
change title to wcgrider and big dick to play against a new HU bot

some people might not know who dong is
04-20-2015 , 02:46 PM
Bot is gonna be the dog here, IMO
04-20-2015 , 02:47 PM
Looking to bet on the empire, PM me.
04-20-2015 , 02:58 PM
Why is DANMERRR not playing this bot? Surely his edge should be bigger
04-20-2015 , 03:13 PM
If it's NL I think wcg and donger will absolutely destroy the bot. If it's HULHE then this wouldn't even take place since wcg and donger know they couldn't beat the bot.

So yeah..
04-20-2015 , 03:18 PM
It's hu no-limit
04-20-2015 , 03:22 PM
This isn't really a new bot per se. It's probably a new iteration of "Tartanian7" who won the NL portion of the 2014 Computer Poker Competition.

From the Computer Poker Competition 2014 Participants Page...

"Tartanian7 plays an approximate Nash equilibrium strategy that was computed on Pittsburgh's shared-memory supercomputer, which has a cache coherent Non-Uniform Memory Access (ccNUMA) architecture. We developed a new abstraction algorithm and a new equilibrium-finding algorithm that enabled us to perform a massive equilibrium computation on this architecture.

The abstraction algorithm first clusters public flop boards, assigning each cluster to a blade on the supercomputer. These public clusters are computed by clustering using a distance function based on how often our abstraction from last year grouped hands together on the flop with different sets of public cards. Within each cluster, the algorithm then buckets the flop, turn, and river hands that are possible given one of the public flops in the cluster, using an imperfect-recall abstraction algorithm. We did not perform any abstraction for the preflop round.

Our equilibrium-finding algorithm is a modified version of external-sampling MCCFR. It samples one pair of preflop hands per iteration. For the postflop, each blade samples community cards from its public cluster and performs MCCFR in parallel. The samples are weighted to remove bias.

Our agent also uses a novel reverse mapping technique that compensates for the failure of CFR to fully converge and to possibly overfit the strategies to the abstraction."
04-20-2015 , 03:34 PM
I feel like people are greatly overestimating how far removed limit and no limit HU really are.
04-20-2015 , 03:37 PM
These players shouldn't give away top tier strategy imo
04-20-2015 , 03:41 PM
Put me in coach
04-20-2015 , 03:44 PM
Ugh streamed and broadcast?

Sounds like this could have some pretty bad ramifications if the bot were to win or do well.

Hopefully the bot get crushed.
04-20-2015 , 03:44 PM
stacksize? cash / sngs?
04-20-2015 , 03:49 PM
Originally Posted by BitchiBee WCGRider, Dong Kim, Jason Les and Bjorn Li to play against a new HU bot
change title to dog pork and big dick to play against a new HU bot

some people might not know who dong is
04-20-2015 , 03:53 PM
Originally Posted by fees WCGRider, Dong Kim, Jason Les and Bjorn Li to play against a new HU bot
Looking to bet on the empire, PM me.
Whoa guys, we got a hotshot gambler over here.

You really walk the line bro.
04-20-2015 , 03:57 PM
when is this happening ?
04-20-2015 , 04:45 PM
In case I get my one time right here, I wish for the machine to run so horribly bad that we need a new definition of running bad. It will be called running Claudico.
04-20-2015 , 05:00 PM
hardly doubt a bot can beat best nlhe players just yet... anyone knows what is the sample size here btw?
04-20-2015 , 05:10 PM
How many hands do they need for a significant sample?

I hope they're not coinflipping on "Poker's Deep Blue Moment" articles being published everywhere & giving ammo to rigtards etc.
04-20-2015 , 05:43 PM
Is Brilliant27 in this thing?
04-20-2015 , 05:50 PM
Stakes? Link is broken for me.