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Johnny Douglas
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Re: View: Starcraft 2 is going to put a small dent in online poker

Originally Posted by ******* View Post
Yeah you need a decent machine to play this game, but not an amazing one. The graphics settings can be neutered to run on most machines (like every Blizzard game). The game will look as good as your computer can handle, and at the high end it has the best graphics of any RTS game in history.

The singleplayer campaign compared to the original Starcraft's, it really is like comparing a Ferrari to the Model T. I'm really amazed at how much Blizzard put into this game and I can't wait for the expansions.

Only getting the Terran campaign is not a legitimate complaint imo. First of all, you play as Protoss in some of the missions. The singleplayer has Protoss and Zerg challenges as well. The multiplayer experience is fully featured with all 3 races. And the Terran campaign is so incredible, it's like 3 campaigns rolled up into one.
yeah, you really have to give a thumbs up for the single player campaign. I don't play RTS all that seriously, and generally just like to play through the campaign a few times and be done with it.

The Terran Campaign is amazing. Haven't found it all that tough so far, but like the story, the interface (research, armoury, choosing missions) -- it actually has a fair bit of replay value.

You also have to credit blizzard for creating a game that can run on most folks machines, and on Mac (which I'm using). There's been a few crashes, but overall I'd say it's a pretty well put together package.
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